deleted scenes - III

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- These deleted scenes are unedited -

This scene takes place right after the paintball chapter. I liked the fun teasing between the guys so I kept it. Also, Micah's comment at the end kills me lmao. 

I never thought I'd be annoyed while riding in an Audi, but I'm coming dangerously close as I try to stretch out in the backseat of McConnell's car. Thankfully, we capped the car capacity to four so the middle seat between James and I is open, leaving more room for our upper bodies than our crushed legs.

While the cramped back seat of the RS 5 sports car isn't ideal for half hour drive to UCW for our away game tonight, it's our only option. There's no way in hell we could squeeze all four of us into my truck and I honestly don't think James' clunker of sheet metal and engine parts could it make more than a few miles at a time without breaking down. Micah's motorcycle doesn't offer much in the way of carpooling, so here we are again, stuffed into the back of McConnell's sports car, wondering how they could possibly advertise this car as a five seater.

Luckily, we only have about five minutes left because I've exhausted all avenues of entertainment. I've refreshed ESPN so many times I'm convinced it's overloaded and no longer working, which might actually be a good thing, because if I read another article on my stats or the back and forth commentary on how this next month's lineup of games will affect my draft pick, I might actually go crazy. I usually try to block it all out, like white noise in the background, but there's not much else to do when your stuck in a car with two guys who are glued to their phones and another who really shouldn't be distracted by talking while driving.

"Are you parents coming to the game?" McConnell asks from the front seat. 

I stare him down through the rear view because we both know damn well that he's not really asking about my parents. Which reminds me of Olivia's comment the other day. The one that informed my mother of my sexual habits. The one that was fed to her by the asshole driving the car.

"Stop talking to my sister," I say flatly, though my tone carries enough emphasis to make my point.

McConnell doesn't even feign innocence as he grins at me through the mirror.

"Olivia's a cool girl,"

I want to reach around and slap him but if we die on the way to the game Coach would find some way to bring us back to life just to kill us again so I sit back in my seat and flick him off.

"Sisters are off limits," James says, finally looking up from his phone. I can see a flash of Jenny's smiling face on his phone screen before he drops it into his lap, apparently done stalking her Instagram. 

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