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•{ Tori's POV }•

I decide today I'm going to go the lazy root.
After the party last night I went upstairs were I struggled but managed to get myself out of the dress. I took a shower then I went to bed.
So today is hopefully going to be a lazy one.

I go down stairs in my silk pajamas but I do however have a little makeup left on from last night but it didn't all get washed off.
My hair is going natural today.

I go downstairs and go to the kitchen where
I see Greta.

"Tori dear, everyone is having breakfast in the dinning room this morning. We have a special guest here in the office with Mr. Luca."
Greta informs me

"Who is the guest?" I ask

"Someone from the American Mafia."
Greta says

"Oh. Are upset do you think everyone is going to be if I show up to breakfast like this?"
I ask

"I'm not sure..but I think you should find out."
Greta says with a smile

"Greta, who knew you had such a rebel side.."
I reply

"I think you just bring it out in me." Greta says

"In that case we have to spend more time together." I tell her with a teasing smile

"I wouldn't have it any other way."
Greta replies

"I better get to breakfast." I tell her

"I'll walk you in. I want to see their faces."
Greta says

I walk threw to the dinning room following behind Greta. As soon as she opens the doors I see everyone already seated and then I see a someone with blonde hair sitting at the other end of the table.

I freeze as Greta walks out of the way so everyone can see me then she says.

"I found Ms. Tori." Greta announces

Everyone looks up and looks at me.
When I see the stranger turn around.
I realize that he isn't a stranger at all.

"Tori..." He says under his breath as if he can't believe I'm standing in front of him

"Alex.." I say at the same time he says my name

He stands up and walks towards me and I see all the guys stand up as if in case I need there help or protection.

As Alex reaches me I see him physically brace himself so I go ahead slap him across the face making his head whip to the side.

I see everyone tense but he rubs his jaw and straightens himself up and I see a huge smile on his face.

"Good to know you haven't gone soft."
Alex says with a teasing smile

Everyone seems confused but that's not my concern right now.

"Never." I reply

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