Rakugaki no Kokoro VI. A deadly debt

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Rakugaki no Kokoro VI. A deadly debt

You were thrown into the sleek black BMW that had ran you over only hours ago. Fang had been told to keep her mouth sealed about everything that had happened, from the car accident to the conversation and anything to do with the Caelum Mafia, unless she wanted harm to come to both you and herself.

How on earth had you gotten into this mess? You sat there almost trembling. These people were dangerous, and would kill without hesitation. Although you couldn’t imagine Prompto to do anything like that. From what you had gathered he seemed quite kind. Though appearances were deceiving, you couldn’t trust either one of them. For now you just had to obey and do your best to stay out of trouble.

They drove straight to their base in the east end of town. You had been blind folded the entire way which only increased your restless nerves. Even if you were blind folded, you knew it was in the east end of town, and knowing that each Mafia was extremely rich, it would be fairly easy to spot their base. 

The one you had learned the name of Ignis in their short conversations happened to have common courtesy and help you out of the car. Still blind folded you guessed that you were being lead into the gigantic building that you felt towering over you. Of course it would be big. What did you expect, a run-down shack?

Finally the light piece of black cloth was slipped from your eyes and you were allowed to see. You were awestruck at the sight in front of you. The place was built for a king and royalty. A beautiful fountain was set in the middle upon a smooth dark marble floor. Huge tinted windows were built in throughout the whole building allowing much light to spill in and futuristic lights adorned the sky high ceiling. It was as if you had walked into a futuristic castle.

You heard a chuckle from behind you, tugging you from your thoughts. 

“I guess it’s fortunate that you like it since you’ll be staying here until you pay off your debt.” Notice said with a smug grin. It didn’t suit him that was for sure, but he was still handsome no matter how much you were growing to hate him.

“W-what? I can’t stay here!” You began to protest. Notice nodded at Gladiolus and the brunette with the large build steered you away. “Where are you taking me!?” You demanded. All Gladiolus did was chuckle at your futile attempts to escape from his iron grip, creating a strange fluttering sensation in your stomach.

   “No need to worry little lady. I’m just showing you to where you’ll be staying is all.” He offered a kind smile. At least there was one you could get along with. The two of you walked in a peaceful silence the rest of the way, but Gladiolus did not slacken his hold on your arm knowing that you’d bolt as soon as he did. 

You took the time to study Gladiolus. He was a man of tall height and large build. His attire was a pair black leather trousers with a small side chain, an open black shirt with nothing but a pendant underneath, a small arm sleeve over his left wrist, and black shoes with red soles. You were almost lost in his amber eyes and noticed a long scar over his left eye, making you wonder how he had got it. Tattoos also covered the majority of his arms. His hair was straightened to the back and partially shaved along the sides, and he sports a jaw beard.

 You arrived at a beautifully polished oak door about five stories up from the bottom floor. These guys were loaded that was for sure and you immediately grew envious at the thought. There you and Sally were in the poorest part of town struggling to get by while these guys had the time of their lives smothering themselves in sweet luxury and endless pits of money.

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