Chapter 22

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Luke's POV

I'm sitting here waiting for the principal, I would never thought this is how my Monday would be, I'm sitting here in the middle of my ex boyfriend and boyfriend and they won't stop giving each other the dirty looks. I'm so done with theses two, the door opens and a new kid walks in he's cute wait what did I just say? He walks over and sits across from us, as he sitting there he's staring at me. The fuck he looking at I'm getting old of theses fuckers thinking they can bully me, he takes his eyes off me and looks at the boys " will you two fucking stop already" he said in a real deep voice,  the boys look at him " the fuck you want" Oliver said " the fuck you say?" Jackson said that's it " he told y'all to stop fucking giving each other the death stare it's getting old and annoying, I swear to god if I get in trouble because of you too I'm never talking to y'all again!" I say madly " I'm sorry Luke" Jackson said " I won't let you get in trouble" Oliver said Jackson was about about to say something when the new kid spoke " so y'all used to date or two of you are dating right now?" he said with a smile " I would never date this fag" Oliver said the new kid stands up " the fuck you say? You got a problem with gay people? Well guess what bitch I'm gay so what's the problem?" The new kid said. Here we go again, " nah he doesn't have a problem with gay people because he is and now The whole school knows, he's just mad that I'm fucking his ex and he's not" Jackson says " Jackson! Stop saying that stuff ok please" I say in my small voice I'm in a room of alphas and I'm the only non alpha here and I hate it.

Jackson just puts his hands up and leans in his chair, what's up with him lately? " my name is Wolf nice to meet you Luke" the new kid said with a smile Jackson was about to say something to him when the principal finally comes out of his office " I told you two not to talk!" He says, he looks over to me " are you ok?" He asked me in a nice voice " yes I'm fine I have nothing to do with this they started fighting for pretty much for nothing" I say not caring anymore " yeah totally for nothing it's not like he bullies you abused you, used you for sex and made your living life hell" Jackson said in a voice I don't like, I stand up " fuck you Jackson I'm so fucking tired of you telling my Business like it doesn't hurt my feelings! I don't know what's been been going on with you but I'm sick of it, and you" I pointed to Oliver " you have no right to start Beef with anyone I know or love because you missed me I'm getting tired of your shit! And you" I pointed at the new kid " I hope you like it here and if we have some class together, and you need anything let me know" I say then I set down everyone is looking at me " I think we are gonna be good friends" the new guy says with a laugh " Luke I called your mother and she says your brother is coming to pick you up I think you just need to go home for the day and Mr Blue for some reason it's taking the computers really long to day to get you classes so you can just go home and come back tomorrow as well" the principal said to us with out missing a beat me and the new kid leave. We are walking out the school when I see my brothers friend Ashton sitting on his car waiting for me, me and him are like brothers I want to walk to him when the new kid stoped me by grabbing my hand " hey man give me your phone" he said why does he want it ? But I give it to him anyway. It looks like he's typing something I look back a Ashton he's about to get off his car when Wolf gives me my phone back " I gave you my number, call me or text me when you get home I have questions for you" he said with a smile then he walked away.

I made it home not before telling Ashton everything I mean everything, I told him not to tell my brothers but I know he will because he's worried about me. It's not going to be easy sitting and telling your older brothers that the dude who's been bullying you for years is the man who you fell in loved with, and now your with a dude who used to be in a gang and he's acting weird and your not sure how to ask him about it and that I'm worried that it's something about drugs or something I can't do this anymore why, why can't I have a boyfriend who's not fucking creepy I can't stand this like why me. Later that night I get a text from Jackson saying that he's suspended for a week so is Oliver and that he would like to talk to me so I'm waiting for him to get here, my mom want to her boyfriends house and my brothers are off for like two months so they be here tonight, I see him pull up and see his eyes are red again here we go again.

I get in the car and he says nothing to me, " hey babe, are you ok?" I said with a smile, he pulls away from my house and starts to drive, he hits the stealing wheel it causes me to jump, " do you really still love him? Do you really think I'm stupid huh? HUH!" He yells I jump again. " do you think I didn't hear you?  Did you really think you can play with my love huh? I am the best that you will ever fucking have! I'm the boss you are my bitch why can't you understand that? Why can't you just sit there look pretty and shut the fuck up!" He yells I start to cry a little bit why is he acting like this? This is not him. I looked at him but I really looked at him and I think no this can't be he said he would never do this shit again but I think there's white stuff on his nose " are you fucking using again! Please tell me your not" I yell out he stopped in the middle of the road " what did you just say?" He said to me as he looks " baby drive!" I yell cars were going past us fast " do you really want to fucking go there right now?" He asked with evil eyes " no no please" I say as I cry he smiles and starts to drive what the fuck is happening.......... to be continued

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