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Hello, my dear bookworms!

Finally, Capricious is done! I can't believe it. An entire year of writing and publishing on Wattpad. And half a year of your amazing support and love. I can't express enough how happy you all made me with your nice comments and likes. 

I would like to thank a few readers in particular, for their support:

@NewFrontiers for always believing in me as an author and Capricious as a book. You motivated me since the day you stumbled on Capricious. I am eternally grateful. 

@PowerHouse1234 for guiding me every step of the way. And helping me edit with on-point comments. 

@DukeREB for being an amazing writer with good advice. (Y'all check out his story, Murky Waters, on Wattpad.)

@ThatSideHoe for making me laugh out loud when I read your comments and reactions, helping me know when I hit my mark. 

@DarrenAlderton for always being supportive and very good public. Everything I wrote seemed to really please you and it was good for my ego, I won't lie. It reminded me every day of how good it feels to please my readers.

@missindependence for your support and comments over the months. I was always happy to find your comments on each of my new published chapters. 

@SilverStarKeeper for being another one of my personal coaches, always here with the perfect comment and motivational speech. 

@LifeAsA_Dinosaur for your in-depth reviews and comments on Capricious, always nice and super motivating. 

Also a big thank you to @blueTigerbluh@wirecutter @marxstar @triciabird@HippieBlax @kay_Peroh ,  @redfurr@mee_33e@darkrobinstar@STRILON ... and so many more. I love you guys!

Now I'm off to find a way to publish Capricious! I would love to hold a paperback in my hands. It would be a dream come true. I might write book two in the future. Know that Allan's crew story is far from over... They are living on in my mind, living adventures that are yet to be put on paper. But first, I would like to write something new. 2020 will be the birth of a new book, surely fantasy. I love science-fiction, but I am not limited by the genre. I have so much storytelling to explore! I hope to see you there!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The Capricieuse's crew send their love too, with hearts carved on bullets.

Bless your Toes.

Melissa Prys.

(No, I'm not crying. You are.)

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