Chapter 39

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Jasmine's POV

I could hear the distant sound of water running and metals clinging. I slowly sat up on the bed and looked around again. It had been hours since I last saw Hunter. I was glad though. I had tried calling out to Violet again, but still received no response.

What if she wasn't there? What if he took her out of the room through some backdoor and did something to her?

Think positive, Jasmine. Think positive.

I tugged at my wrists again and hissed. The handcuffs were scratching at the skin of my wrists and they were bruised and bloodied. Maybe I shouldn't have twisted my wrists so much.

I had nothing to do but think. And that was a territory I wasn't willing to go. Thinking meant going through misery all over again, and right now, I needed to be strong.

I was about to close my eyes when I heard the jingling of keys again.

Someone was coming down.

I heard the door open and waited for the thudding sounds of Hunters shoes. Instead, I was met with soft thuds.

I squinted my eyes at the corner of the staircase. Then I saw her.

Bailey Spencer.

She looked exactly as I had last seen her. Mature and beautiful. Her eyes however seemed dull and lifeless, surrounded with dark  circles.

Was she on this too?

The realisation fell on me like a bucket of cold water. Of course she would be with him. She was in love with him after all. And now that they have a kid, she would want her child to have a father.

And I thought she was changing.

I gave her the coldest look I could muster as she rounded the bed and set a tray of food on it. She looked at me and sighed.

"I know what you're thinking. So no, I'm not with Hunter."

I scoffed. "Yeah right. And I just saw pigs flying out of the windows."

She gritted her teeth. "I'm not lying Jasmine. Hunter forced me into doing this. He forced me into giving him my basement to trap you in. I had no choice."

"You had a choice. You had a choice to refuse. And you didn't. Clearly, why would you? He's back. The man you love is back. The father of your child is back. Of course you would want him to stay. And for that to happen you would do everything he says, right?" I spat out in anger.

Her eyes blazed. "You think I like having him around? You think I want him around? You're delusional Jasmine. I meant it when I said I was over him. When I said I didn't want him near me or my daughter."

"Then why are you helping him?!"

"Because he has my daughter dammit!" Her shout rang throughout the room.

I was stunned. He has her daughter?

"Wha-what do you mean?" I asked shakily.

She wiped a stray tear from her cheek and replied in the similar voice. "He has taken Jasmine. Held her captive and threatened me to do as he says. I don't even know where she is. She's all I've got. I had to do it. I'm sorry Jasmine. I understand your fear and your anger. But I'm a mother. I can't let anything happen to my daughter."

She started crying. I felt bad for lashing out at her. She was just doing what she had to do. If I was in her place, I would've done the same thing.

"I'm so sorry Bailey. I shouldn't have lashed out at you. You're only protecting your child. I'm so sorry that your daughter got dragged into this."

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