The Mental, Middle Child

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Here We Go Again

Chapter 6: The Mental, Middle Child

POV: Dominique

In the middle of the day, when the sky was an impassive and boring blue, when there were no puffy, white clouds or the burst of light from the sun in the corner like an almighty watcher, a scream pierced through the air down bellow in the gardens of Shell Cottage. A few birds were startled out of their nests; taking off as a blonde, elegant, and simply exquisite woman stood with a horrified expression.

"Fleur!" Storming out from the cottage, a burly man with red hair and a scarred face appeared next to his wife; a wand out to be ready to fight off or defend. "What happened!"

Pointing a finger ahead of her, Fleur shouted in her native language, "Regardez!" She then put a trembling palm over her mouth, only showing her terrified blue eyes.

This time without fight in his face, Bill Weasley gaped at the direction his wife pointed with complete and utter fear. "Dominique!"

"Hello, Daddy!" I looked down at my father, smiling grandly at him from the thickest branch of a nearby apple tree in our garden; where I was swinging myself from. I was rocking my legs back and forth, and my parents inched closer to me.

Oh, it was definitely a normal day at Shell Cottage.

"Dominique!" Mum bellowed again, her eyes filling up with tears for who knows what reason.

"What the bloody hell are you—"

The rest of Dad's angry question was cut off when more thundering footsteps were heard coming towards us. And not a second later, "Mum! Dad!" was heard echoing throughout the walls of the house. And just like that, my dearest older sister Victoire Lupin appeared. "We just apparated and we heard—AH!"

Oh, honestly. What's with the dramatics?

Emerging from the backdoor of the house, Teddy raised an eyebrow at my direction as he chewed on a pumpkin pasty like it was the most casual thing in the world. Of course, it wasn't because that pumpkin pasty was mine and he'll regret taking it. "What are you doing up there, Dom?"

"Just hanging out," I told him nonchalantly, still kicking my legs forward. "By the way, you stupid git, those are my sweets."

As I removed a hand from the branch to use my free fingers to point at myself, the young and old look-alikes—by which I of course mean Mum and Victoire—let out another piercing scream.

"I didn't see your name on it," Teddy replied, shoving the rest of it in his mouth. He grinned mockingly at me, the bits of the pastry showing between his teeth.

Already having a comeback to give to my dearest brother-in-law, Dad prevented me from saying anything as he raised his wand and pointed it at my direction. "Are you really that mental?" He huffed angrily at me, and I mouthed the words that were going to certainly come out next. "You're not a little girl anymore, Dominique! You've got responsibilities now, act your age!" Before I could defend myself he said, "Wingardium Leviosa!"

Removing my hands from the branch I was holding on to, I let the spell guide me down gently until I was safely deposited on the surface of my mother's grassy garden. Scowling at the faces looking at my direction, all disapproving—except for Lupin, who looked quite amused—and very judging. "I could've done that myself," I huffed.

"Really?" Dad raised his thick brow as my mother and sister headed towards me; both looking like a sweep of blonde hair, blue eyes, and white complexions. "Because unless my memory is failing me, that there is your wand." He pointed a fat finger towards a few rose bushes feet away from me, and surely enough there was a long, smooth, stick made of Hawthorne and dragon heart-string sticking out of it.

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