My New Family Problems---7

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My New Family Problems, that turned my world upside down.

Chapter 7

~~~~~~~2 Day's later(Sunday)~~~~~~~

"Well everything is loaded." Robin stated as he shut the trunk. "Come sisters give me a hug." Sarah and Zarah ran to him holding on tightly and started crying. That put a frown on my face. Robin and Austin are leaving for college and I'll be with the girls and Braylon. Don't get me wrong Bray's an awesome friend and Sarah and Zarah are wonderful little sisters, but I guess I have just gotten kinda close to Robin while he was here. If I wasn't hanging out with Braylon I was hanging with Robin. It just made me sad that he was leaving. The girl's crying brought on full realization that he was really going to be gone. 

"Now Braylon. Remember what we talked about." Austin said and Braylon stiffened.

"Do. Not. Hurt. Her." Robin and Austin both warned at the same time. I tilted my head to the side confused.

"Don't worry about it little sis." Robin told me coming over and rubbing his hand on top of my head, making my hair a total mess.

"Robin!!" I whined, moving myself out from under his hand.

That earned a laugh from him. "No hug for me?" He asked with a voice that sounded like a 4 year old's voice.

"Nope. You messed up my hair." I told him with a straight face, but I couldn't keep it there long. I bursted out laughing and hugged him the best I could with my crutches under my arms. He hugged me back tightly.

"Now you remember if anyone....okay any GUY give any of you trouble, call me and if it's serious I'll be here in 1 hour. Okay?" He told Sarah, Zarah and me. The girls nodded their heads, but I just stood there. I saw him look directly at me, but I turned my face from him.

"Guy's don't really bother me. They know I can't date and so even though I know half the guys in the school want me they don't waste their time on a girl who doesn't date because she listens to her mother."

"Oh Ember. Trust me, summer changes EVERYTHING so just promise to call me okay?"

I nodded my head. "Okay I promise."

After some more crying from the twins and a guy hug between Bray and both guys, Robin and Austin left us alone.

"Oh come on girls. He won't be gone forever." I said trying to cheer them up as we sat on the couch watching some TV later that night.

"But we miss him." They said together.

"Yeah I miss him to. Come here." I told them spreading my arms out and they gladly got up and curled to each of my sides as I rested my arms on their shoulders. We ended up all falling asleep right there and the next morning I woke up to my alarm blaring in my ear. Oh how I loved Mondays when school's back. A loud bang on my door caused me to sit up swiftly.

"Up. Now!" Braylon yelled with another loud bang to my new door.

"Mean much?" I yelled back as the door opened and two very hyper looking twelve year old twins came shooting in from the hall way and jumping onto my bed. "Hey! I'm up, I'm up!" I laughed.

"Fine. We're leaving in 20 minutes unless you want to ride the bus cause you can't drive with that leg of yours. Heck you can't drive even with a good leg you're only fifteen."

"Alright alright Bray. You don't have to rub it in that you're sixteen and I'm not." He gave me an amused look and I stuck my tongue out at him before demanding my privacy. Everyone departed from my room and closed the door behind them. I rushed to the bathroom. Well as fast as I could with a broken ankle. Hurriedly I put on light make-up, brushed and straighten my hair to perfection, brushed my teeth and slipped on an emerald green dress with one black flat and made my way down stairs.

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