Silent tears - randy

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Tw: sexual assault, murder, blood.

No one pov

Andy stumbles through the door, covered in blood, shaking. Sobbing.

He falls to the floor, hands covering his face.

Rye sees the small boy, rushing over to him.

"Andy. Look at me." He says in his alpha voice.

When Andy does his eyes are shining a bright blue. Beautiful, and similar to his own eye color.

But it means he has killed someone.

Rye immediately knows it was an accident.

If it wasn't, he wouldn't be a shaking, sobbing mess. And besides that he sees blood coming from wounds on Andy's stomach.

"Baby, what happened?" Rye asked.

"I'm sorry alpha," Andy whimpered.

"Baby boy, what happened?" Rye asks, sterner this time.

"He touched me! He touched me, and I freaked out! I didn't know what to do.... I didn't mean to! I swear I didn't," he whimpered out, tears running down his cheeks the entire time.

Rye pulled Andy into his lap, holding him to his chest.

"It's okay baby. You're okay. I've got you." Rye said gently

Rye knew he needed to get him cleaned up.

"C'mon baby boy lets go get you cleaned up." Rye said.

He stood up, holding Andy, and carried him to the bathroom, quickly starting a bath.

"Is it okay if I take your clothes off baby?" He asked gently.

Andy nodded slightly, then whispered, "I can still feel his hands on me...".

"I know babe... we have to get you cleaned up though." Rye said.

-time skip to after bath and rye bandaging Andy's sounds-

"C'mon love, let's go get you some clothes." Rye said softly.

He picked Andy up, carrying him to his room, grabbing a hoodie for him, then carrying him to Andy's room.

He grabbed him some boxers, and slipped those on with the hoodie.

"You comfy love?"

Andy nodded, "c-can you stay?"

"Of course baby, wasn't gonna leave anyways."

They laid down, Rye opening his arms to give Andy the choice of cuddling up to him.

He wanted him to know he could but not feel forced.

Andy snuggled up into ryes arms; shaking slightly.

Rye started humming a song, slowly soothing Andy and making him fall asleep.

Time passed almost slowly; until Rye fell asleep.

It was 2am when Andy woke up. Crying silently.

He'd just had a nightmare about getting touched again.

Slowly the small boy felt himself start to slip.

Not able to fight it, he started sucking his thumb.

Still crying silently, he laid there. Sucking his thumb and wishing to forget what had happened.

What he didn't realize was Rye was awake.

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