hickey//e.d - pt3

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AN// hello my loves, this is part 3 of hickey//e.d :) i wrote part one a while ago, so go read them to make sure your caught up. i also think im gonna do a part 4 to this series to complete it :) i hope you like <3

(y/n pov)

You're in the kitchen with her, Anne pacing back and forth as you sip on your coffee. She pulled you out of bed first thing in the morning for this. You sighed, shaking your head.

"You gonna tell me honey or?" You asked with a sigh. She looked at you and fixed the bun that she'd slept in. "I'm not gonna be mad, just tell me so we can go back to bed," You sighed.

"Mom," She started, stopping in front of you. you nodded as she sighed, pacing back and forth all over again.

This was gonna be a long morning.

"I'm 16," She said. you nodded.

"Yeah, I gave birth to you, believe it or not," You replied, shaking your head. She groaned as she plopped down into a chair. You rubbed your temples. "C'mon Anne, just tell me what's going on," You said, offering her your coffee. She took it.

"Y'know my boyfriend?" She asked. You nodded, eyebrows furrowing.

She'd told you the minute they were dating, before things could get out of hand like last time. Except you weren't exactly aware of last time.

"Did you guys break up?" You asked. "Oh, sweetheart-" But she cut you off.

"No we didn't break up," She said with an eye roll. You raised your eyebrows. "We- you know- we uh-" She stopped. Your eyes widened.

"You had sex?" You asked. She bit back a smile and nodded. You sighed, rubbing your temples all over again. "Okay, we're gonna have to get you on birth-" but you were cut off.

"You had sex?" Ethan asked, walking into the kitchen, hair disheveled and shirt missing. You sighed, rubbing your forehead.

This wasn't the time to drool over your husband.

"Morning, uh, dad," Anne said. this conversation was not meant for Ethan.

"Did you use a condom?" He asked. Anne nodded, staring at your mug in her lap. "You're fucking 16, you could've gotten pregnant!" He yelled. you sighed, standing up.

"Ethan," You whispered hand on his shoulder. He ignored you.

"I told you that kid was bad news," Ethan grumbled at his daughter. Anne sat quietly. "You lost your virginity to him!" Ethan screamed. You sighed, pulling E down into a chair.

"You're gonna wake Adrian up, baby, sh," You whispered. Ethan ran a hand through his messy hair and groaned again.

"Do you want a repeat of last time?" He asked. Anne sighed as your eyes widened, eyebrows raising.

"Last time?" You asked. Ethan ignored you.

"You better not be coming home drunk because he broke up with you," Ethan yelled. Anne winced and you looked between the two of them, confused.

"What the fuck is going on?" You asked. Ethan looked at you. Oh shit. "What do you mean last time?"

"I'm sorry," Anne whispered. Ethan sighed, rubbing his forehead, wrinkled with all the worrying he's been doing lately. You sighed. "It was a long time ago, mom, don't-" But Ethan cut her off.

"It wasn't even a whole year ago," He yelled, throwing his arms in there. And there were footsteps coming down the stairs.

The three of you turned to see Adrian coming down, rubbing his face, having been woken up from all the noise.

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