Chapter 13- Hope

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Chapter 13- Hope

I'm such a bad person to leave you guys hanging after where I left off in the last chapter and I know it's been like month and I'm truly sorry!

I tried to make this one as good as possible!!!!!



I didn't think. I just turned on my heels and ran as fast as I could. I caught up with the others as they neared the end of the street.

'Louis are you alright?' Liam asked, alarmed as I came to a stop next to him panting.

Should I tell them? But I don't know if its true. I held Harry's body in my arms as he died. Heard his last breath, with his blood staining my clothes. But then what was Mr Wendell talking about? Was there a possibility that Harry was still alive and Mr Wendell is holding him hostage?

I mean it was dark the night Harry died. It might not have been Harry that died, it could have just been someone who looked like him to trick us.

But why would someone do something like that? Mr Wendell would. He had already proven that he wasn't scared to black mail someone into getting what he wants. Maybe we're all just pawns in his giant chess game.

No I won't tell the boys. I don't have all the facts yet and what if it turned out be false. I couldn't do that to them, get their hopes up and then crush them if it turns out to be fake. I don't know what it'll do to me if it turns out to be a false hope and I don't want to think about it. BUT THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT HARRY IS STILL ALIVE!!!

'Nothing. I'm fine. I just wanted to catch up with you guys before you had gone too far'.

'Um, where should we go?' Niall asked.

'Well I'm hungry, lets find some place to eat' I said.

'Agreed' Niall, Zayn and Liam said in unison.

Mr Wendell listened to Louis' running footsteps with a smile on his face. His plan was genius. He was a genius. He and Ash had gone into one of the store rooms on the bottom level of the area that had a door that you could exit through onto the street and waited for Louis walk past. How did they know that Louis walking past you ask. Well Mr Wendell has spies everywhere.

'Do you think it worked?' Ash asked, nervously.

And why shouldn't he be nervous. He had been the one to make the mistake. He wasn't supposed to kill the boy. Just grab him. But that had proved too hard a task for him.

'Of course it worked you idiot. My plans always work.'

'But as you said, you didn't scare him hard enough the first time so how do you know it'll work this time?' Ash asked.

Mr Wendell glared at him.

'Because there is only one thing that can crush a person better then fear.'

'And what is that?'


'Hope?' Ash asked puzzled.

'Yes hope you moron. Since making him fear for his friends didn't work then maybe if he thinks that his friend is still alive and that we are holding him hostage then he will be a bit more likely to do what I ask him to do' Mr Wendell said with a smile.

'So the curly haired boy is still alive?'

'No you idiot of course his not. You were the one that stabbed him in the back were you not?'