vacation//g.d - pt 2

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AN// the part 2 youve all been waiting for :) i also just want to thank you all for 2k votes. thats fucking insane to me, i love you all so much. a new daddy imagine book will be up soon, im ending this one at 100 parts, but the other one will just be a continuation <3 i love love love you all.

(third person pov)

"Hmm?" Grayson mumbled as y/n shook his shoulder. He turned, hugging another pillow. She smiled, pulling him back. "Sleepy," He mumbled. Y/N let out a laugh.

"Gray, it's almost 10," She said with a smile. His eyes opened slowly and he smiled at her. He looked around and sat up.

"Where're they?" He asked. Y/N smiled, standing up. "They got up without me?" He pouted, stretching his arms. She laughed and nodded, pulling his sheets off of him. He groaned and stood up, falling right on top of her.

"Ah, Gray," Y/N laughed, holding him up. He kissed her on the cheek and stood up.

"'s too early," He mumbled, rubbing his eyes and walking off to the bathroom.

She smiled and walked out of the room, back into the kitchen. "Daddy up?" Emily asked. Y/N nodded and Emily ran into the room.

"Daddy!" She yelled. Finding the bed empty, she opened the bathroom door to find Gray brushing his teeth. Emily giggled as he turned, toothbrush in his mouth. "Morning Daddy!" She giggled as she jumped up and down behind him. Grayson smiled.

"Morning, Em," He said, pulling her up onto the counter after he'd spat out his toothpaste. "You brushed your teeth?" He asked. She nodded and swung her legs.

"Daddy take Em to the beach?" She asked. Grayson nodded, washing his face. "Ew, daddy stop it!" She squealed as the water that Gray splashed on his face hit her too. Grayson chuckled, patting his face dry.

"I'm sorry," He laughed, picking her back up. "Why'd you get up without me?" He asked her as they walked back to the kitchen.

"We got too hyper, didn't we?" Y/N asked. Emily giggled. "We couldn't wait for daddy to get up."

"EM excited!" She exclaimed. Grayson laughed, walking to the fridge, kissing Ella on the cheek as he walked past.

"Where'd the high chair come from?" He asked, setting Emily on the counter. Y/N smiled, handing him coffee.

"I called down to the front desk and asked," Grayson nodded. "Got too hard feeding her in my lap," She said with a smile as Ella began whining in her chair.

"I could've called," Gray said as Emily pulled on his shirt. "Hm?" He asked.

"Hungry?" She asked, reaching for his mug. Grayson held it away.

"You didn't eat?" He asked, opening the fridge to get out the milk from the night before. She shook her head as he poured some into her sippy cup.

"Wait for daddy," She said, taking it from his as he screwed it shut. Grayson turned to y/n and grinned with his teeth.

"She's the cutest," Grayson smiled, setting her on his hip as he headed out to the balcony with his coffee.

"Water!" Emily giggled. Grayson nodded and laughed. "Green water!" She told him, pointing off into the distance.

"We'll go later, I promise," He told her, resting back onto the ledge. She turned in his arms to look out at the water.

"Pretty," She told him. Grayson nodded. "Pretty like mama," She stated. Grayson laughed and nodded.

"Pretty like you," He said poking her nose. Emily giggled and gave him her empty cup.

They stood out there for a bit, watching the water, Emily mesmerized by the turquoise-green color.

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