Chapter 2 - Home

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As soon as Mason left the kitchen, it burst back to life as if the past two minutes never happened. 

Blake quickly protested against showing me around the house again but eventually gave in. Elijah scolded Xander for disobeying his elder brother, yet again.

I sat there quietly eating some heated lasagne, apparently Elijah was the cook of the family and I could see why, it was definitely the best lasagne I had ever tasted.

Harley started explaining about his doctor's course and how it would be useful for their family business.

"What's your family business?" I questioned, feeling the urge to involve myself in their conversations. I was also partly intrigued by what they could possibly need a qualified doctor first-aider for and desperate to find out why Jackson hadn't told me.

"Nothing to worry yourself about, Maddie." Elijah quickly dismissed me.

"I wasn't worrying, I was just interested," I mumbled under my breath.

"What was that, little sis?" I heard Xander whisper bitterly from right behind me. It made me shudder involuntarily.

I gulped, seriously hoping they hadn't heard me. He was already in a bad mood.

"Rule one, no back talk. If we decide you don't need to know something it's for your own good." Blake demanded while rummaging through the cupboards above the sink, not even bothering to look at me in the eye while speaking.

Jesus, I was just asking what they do for a living and now I have rules?

After being scolded by my older brothers, I quickly finished eating my lasagne in silence. I avoided asking another question in fear of getting completely shot down and embarrassing myself even more.

I put my plate in the dishwasher and the rest of cutlery and plates on the counter from my brothers.

Elijah looked gratefully surprised and I think I even saw a glimpse of gratitude in Blake's eyes though it was quickly replaced with mere acknowledgement.

Elijah and Harley wished me a goodnight. Xander, on the other hand, left without uttering a single word. Honestly, Maddie, what did you expect?

After sitting in silence with Blake, he finally got off the phone with a 'client' and started walking out the door. He gave me a quick look over his shoulder, silently instructing me to follow him. He proceeded to give me a tour of the house.

I say 'tour' but I really mean he dragged me around the house whilst unenthusiastically muttering the occasional "stairs", "cinema room", "bathroom", "gym".

I mean what would it take just to get Blake to smile, once.

I think I managed to understand the basic plan of the house I was now living in. On the floor upstairs, Blake showed me where all my brother's bedrooms were, all next to one another at the top of the stairs. I made a mental note of whose bedrooms: Mason's, Elijah's, Blake's, Harley's, Cole's, Xander's and Mine. Age order, great, I'm stuck next to Xander.

We then passed the staircase that led to the third floor, where I bumped into Cole earlier.

"What's up there?" I asked shyly to Blake, I was honestly dying to know why I couldn't go up there!

"Nothing." He grunted out in reply, swiftly dragging me back down the corridor in the direction of our bedrooms.

I get he was still mad with Xander but why was he taking it out on me?

"Why can't I go up there?" I questioned again.

What part of Rule one don't you understand, Maddie! I scolded myself internally, wishing I had just dropped it and stayed quiet.

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