Chapter One: From Where They All Left.

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Recently, the Harrison's have been hanging out in Marcus and Charlie's new house a lot lately – probably because Charlie hasn't been feeling so very and she has been instructed to stay in bed – her due date was in less than a week – everyone is very excited where else Marcus has been worried sick for his wife-to-be – he lost Susan – he can't lose Charlie too. Where everyone was laughing and joking in the living room, Marcus sat beside Charlie – who was peacefully sleeping. He sighed, "I know you are upset with me," he whispered. "But I promise, I would never do anything that would hurt you," he added softly before he hunched and placed a soft kiss on her forehead – Charlie didn't wake up. Marcus was glad he didn't wake her up – or else she would have asked him to leave. Charlie has been upset with Marcus for the past few weeks – she isn't even talking to him properly and it was killing Marcus. "I am sorry, Charlie." He whispered again and just then his cellphone buzzed again. Marcus glanced at Charlie before he took his phone from the nightstand and looked at the screen. He heaved and rubbed his eyes tiredly when he saw that it was Elna messaging him again, "God," He murmured under his breath and looked at Charlie again with glossy eyes – he was stuck. He didn't know what to do.

Silas laughed at something his father said while Maria chuckled and Elizabeth – she was looking out of the window. Since she has come to New York – it feels like she is not the same Elizabeth – she has left all her charm back in Chicago. Owen chuckled at his joke and glanced towards his daughter to see her quietly staring out of the window. The smile he had on his face slowly wore off. He has been trying to talk to his daughter each day but nothing was making Elizabeth feel better. Owen felt as if he has lost his daughter in the incident. Silas and Maria were chatting about something related to their wedding which was in a month when Silas's phone rang – he took it out of his pocket and blew his cheek out, "It is work," he rolled his eyes and got on his feet. "I will have to take it," he said and walked away from the living room and jokingly ruffed Katie's hair – she was playing with Bear in the same area. "She shrieked, "Uncle Silas!" she complained but Silas just laughed and walked away to take the call. Maria smiled at Silas and Katie – she loved how much they both have bonded. She has seen how much Silas has been careful about Katie since Ezra came to their lives. Maria saw the empty bowl of chips and some soda cans on the coffee table and with the thought of cleaning the table – she got on her feet.

Owen saw it and decided to help Maria. "Let me help you," he said and got on his feet as well before he glanced at Elizabeth one last time. Elizabeth was completely lost in her thoughts – she didn't even care what was happening around. Owen sighed and followed Maria in the kitchen with the empty cans and bowl in his hands. Maria thanked Owen and took the empty cans from him and threw them in the trash. Owen cleared his throat, "Uh – Maria, when is Leo coming to New York?" he asked. Maria glanced at Owen before she put the bowl in the sink to be washed and smiled, "Tomorrow," she replied. Leo was supposed to come to New York a week ago but since he had some sort of emergency at the hospital – therefore, he had to stay. Owen nodded his head, "Good," he said. Maria brought her eyebrows together and looked at Owen – she didn't expect this reaction from Owen, "Good?" she chuckled. Owen smiled and nodded, "Well, as weird as I feel to say this but – I think what Elizabeth needs now is your brother," he told her.

Maria sighed and licked her lips. Just last night Silas and she was talking about Elizabeth as well, she isn't doing well here in New York. Her misery was too visible for others and it was bothering the people that love her. Maria nodded, "I agree. You have no idea how different Leo was acting when he was with Elizabeth. He was happy. I didn't know the reason behind his uplifting mood was Elizabeth – but now, he has gone quiet and distant as well – like he was before he met her." She replied. Owen was silent for a few seconds before he nodded his head, "That incident has shattered them both," he commented. Maria couldn't agree less – that incident messed up with so many lives. They almost lost Elizabeth and Rene – she was too young. She didn't deserve the death she got. Maria still wonders about Mrs. Cooke – Rene's mother. She tried calling her several times but no one answered.

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