Chapter 2

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Everyone was now sitting around, talking. Eddie rummaged through his bag, Richie taking notice. "Wutcha doin?"

"Getting my sunscreen." He grabbed it, and squirt some in his hands and put it on himself. "Can you get my back?" "Oh, sure." He fixed his glasses aGaIn, and put some on his back. Then massaged it into his skin; it felt nice. "My backs been hurting lately, I dunno why."

"Well maybe it's because you've been sitting in those classroom chairs all year, for 6 hours a day." Eddie rolled his eyes, then flinched a little. "You good??" "Yeah, sorry, that hurt."

"Oh, uhhh.. maybe.. here, just.. lay on your stomach." He turned around, "why??" "Just do it." Eddie sighed, "fineee." He laid down, then Richie got on him. Now he was nervous.

Everyone kinda looked at them, but didn't say anything. Richie massaged his shoulders, Eddie slightly mOaNed. Thankfully no one heard that. "Feels nice, since when do you do.. nIcE tHiNgs?"

"Oh, you want me to stop??"

"No! I mean.. no." He laughed and closed his eyes; Richie continued doing it for awhile.

All of them eventually started to play cards. Richie was first to be out, so he just watched them. Out of nowhere Eddie, sat in between his legs and put his head on his stomach. Richie didn't realize himself turning red, he tried to stay cool though. The losers thought nothing of them. It was normal, they were both affectionate towards each other.

"Hm.." Eddie looked at what card to play, Richie picked out one. "This one."

"Oh, thank you." He smiled and looked up at him. Richie fixed his glasses, and smiled shyly. He looked to the side, he was blushing.
Even though the day was nice, it was also pAiNfUl for Richie to stay calm during the game. But, now everyone was walking home.
Eddie would occasionally brush his hand up against Richies, on purpose. They were kinda quiet, which wasn't really like them.

Richie broke the silence, "Thanks for staying with me Eddie. Yknow, after you cleaned up my leg." Eddie smiled, "What happened to Ed's?" Richie looked at him, his eyes widened.
"I knew it!"


"You like being called Ed's!"

"I never said that-" Richie started dancing around him, the others looked back and laughed.

"Why are you so.. happy about this??"

"Well, I like calling you Ed's and if you like it, it makes me happy. You make me happy Ed's."

Eddie blushed, "Fuck off."

"What? Am I not allowed complimenting my friends?"

"No! It's annoying."

"Awwwww Eddie likes me," Richie teased.

"Ew never, no one would ever like you. Fuck off Rich."

"Yeah? Well no one would ever like your lame ass."

The two started bickering, Stan tried to tune them out.

"They're so cute." Beverly said to Stan.

Stan looked back at them and rolled his eyes, "I wouldn't say cute.. more like, I don't know. How can those two even be good together??"

"They just are..somehow." She laughed

"Oh, yeah, they match sooooo well. A tiny gremlin germaphobe, and a trash talking dumbass."

That just made her laugh more, "Somehow they work out."

Eventually the others got to their houses, Eddie and Richie were left. They arrived at Richie's house.

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