Part Four

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"Let's sleep!" Ayusha and Ayush screamed excitedly making RK and Madhu smile. Finally, their room was ready and ever since they saw their room they have been in love with it. RK and Madhu take them to their room. Ayush and Ayusha run ahead while they followed them behind. "Don't run." Madhu instructs them when they started running up the stairs, they started walking in a hurried manner. RK smiles happily, satisfied seeing their excitement. 

The kids run into their room and Ayusha jumps on her bed while Ayush climbs up the ladder of the bunk bed and gets on the upper bed. 

"Ayush, tomorrow I am sleeping on top." Ayusha tells him. 

"Okay!" Ayush replies as he fell on the bed excitedly. 

RK and Madhu turn to look at each other and smile happily. 

"Okay... don't make noise... go to sleep, both of you." Madhu tells them as she pulled the blanket on them. 

"Can we talk?" Ayusha asks. 

"Yes, but not loudly." 

"Okay! Can you hear me Ayush?" Ayusha asks from down. 

"Yes." Ayush replies excitedly. 

"We should get walkie-talkie." 

Madhu had already put her foot down when RK suggested on getting the kids mobile phones. 

"Yeah... then we can talk from our bed." Ayush replies excitedly. "Papa, tomorrow get us walkie-talkie." 

"Yes... will get you both one." RK tells them. 

Madhu and RK kisses them goodnight, and after turning on the nightlight and switching off the other lights, RK closes the door. 

"I am going to be sleeping in the other room." Madhu tells RK. 


"Now the kids are in their room... I will be using another room." Madhu tells RK ignoring his upset face. 

"If that is what you want..." RK says sadly. 

"That is what I want." Madhu replies and goes to the other room. 

Madhu was tossing and turning in the bed. After a long time she was sleeping alone. Before it was kids and then RK also joined them. Now sleeping alone was becoming a little difficult. She missed her kids. She even missed RK a little, Madhu admits. Closing her eyes, Madhu tries to sleep when she hears the door open. 

"I can't sleep." RK confesses as he stood at the door. "Can I sleep with you?" 

Madhu didn't know what to say, a part of her wanted him to sleep with her and another part wanted to slam the door on his face. 

"Please Madhu... I will not disturb you." RK pleads. 

"Okay." Madhu says as she moved to one end of the bed. 

"Thank you." RK says smiling excitedly as he hurried in. 

Seeing him smile so happily, Madhu couldn't help smile. She felt happy seeing him smile. 

Somewhere in the middle of the night, they rolled towards each other and hugged each other in their sleep. 

Two nights later, Madhu was getting restless as she lay on RK's bed alone. RK had gone somewhere saying that he would be back only the next day. She missed him but more than that, there was an uneasiness in her wondering where he had gone to. She hadn't asked and he hadn't said anything on where he was going. She couldn't help wonder if he has gone back to his old ways. In these past few months, she had expected him to slip up and make mistakes but he had surprised her by being there with them. He had been so attentive and so earnest that she had started trusting him to be loyal, so much so that it has started making a difference to her if he had other girls in his life. He had started mattering to her. Madhu tried to shut her eyes and tried to think of something else but her thoughts went back to where he is, what he is doing and who he is with. He had called around the kids' bedtime to wish them goodnight and he had talked to her asking if everything was fine but she was so restless that she had acted so disinterested that he had quickly hung up. Now, she regretted her action. 

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