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Hey there my loves!

I've got two things to discuss! Very important things!

First- If you're wondering what "Ⅼ✍" is, let me explain. 'L' means '50' in Roman Numerals. And '✍' is a writing hand. If you put it together it will read "Writing 50". Yes! The next imagine I'll be writing will be the 50th one. And I would love to make it special, and gift it to all of you beautiful fans out there. I asked you guys to vote (the deadline was on 20th), but I guess it didn't reach you beautiful people out there, so I've already started writing that special imagine for y'all (Even the title is a secret! Ssh!). Yet, I'd like you guys to vote on what you guys want next! And I'll do it! (It'll be this way only for a little while, don't worry.) So, will you please vote? ;) VOTE YOUR FAVOURITE NOW! 

"Ride To Life" (Cute)

"Wedding Bells" (Wedding)

"Play It Again" (Dirty)

"No Left or Right" (Fight/Breakup)

"Just Born" (Extra Cute)

Second- A Special Thank You To Every Single One Of You!

I've reached 225K+ reads, 3100+ votes and I know it doesn't come easy. The kind of support you guys give me simply amazes me. There are so many talented writers here, and I feel so honoured to have my book, Justin Bieber Imagines top the first few in the results; when you search for Justin Bieber Imagines. I started off with 22 reads, 4 votes and Now here I am with 225K+ reads and 3100+ votes. Everytime I fell, you guys were always there to catch me. And I really appreciate that fact. Words are clashing and confusing in my mind, if I'll have to tell you guys how I feel. I love you guys alot, and I would'nt trade y'all for this world. You guys mean alot to my heart. And don't ever forget that. I may not know you in real, but I do love you guys. Its true, and I know that. Thank you so much and Here is a warm hug from me. *Hugs the screen* <3

Lots of Love,


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