Chapter 3 : Their Sorrowful Thoughts

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Things happened so fast that you couldn't even get to process what the heck is going on.

You helplessly saw Tanjirou in the distance being knocked out after whatever the demon said to him. For the most part, you didn't understand a thing, all you knew is that it was bad enough that it triggered his anger and almost made him lose control.

Thankfully, you managed to dodge the attacks in time, but Tanjirou had already ran all the way to the opposite side from where you stood, making it more difficult for you to protect him from the huge impact.

It was a nuisance. When you face the demons directly and compare it to read things about them from books, it is safe to say that they're both completely different from what you've imagined. Demons are provokative, and most definitely have other benefits than those being mentioned in the old books you've read before.

Being provokative is just another way of triggering their enemies, which can result in recklessness.

By the time you snap back into reality, the sounds of footsteps coming from the distance caught your attention. You turn your head around in anticipation for someone who perhaps might come to help, but you were immediately left with dissappointment as you realized that the nameless male whose life was literally saved earlier suddenly ran away, leaving only the two of you to deal with this morphed demon.

He left without even leaving a single appreciation; not even mere words of 'thank you' that wouldn't even take a minute to say out loud. It pisses you off knowing someone can be so ungrateful after their life had been saved by others.

Tanjirou surely didn't get his life in danger now just for him to be a coward.

'What the hell..!'

"..GET. BACK. HERE!" You screamed at the top of your lungs, for a second almost forgetting the demon that you still have to deal with, "WE BOTH DIDN'T JUST WASTE OUR ENERGY JUST FOR YOU TO LEAVE US, COWARD!"

It was definitely something that you couldn't just hold in. By the time you spit out all of your frustration away towards the one person who left you both, the demon's faint chuckle was enough to turn your attention back to the actual problem.

"How does it feel to be left all alone?"

Your eyes widened, glaring towards the demon. For a second, you were almost lost by the anger boiling inside your head.

And the demon had almost took advantage of it.

"How ironic.. It's not good to leave your friend all alone while he's still unconscious, you know?"

Friend? Isn't a friend a term that is used for when two individuals at least know something about each other? Or perhaps are you just questioning this because it's been a while since someone deserved the title to be your friend?

Either way, this wasn't something you're supposed to be thinking about. The demon is just trying to provoke you into thinking that Tanjirou is your friend, and then from that point on things could've went downhill if you listened. Although you admit that it made you think for a second, it's still wasn't enough anyway to distract you from decapitating its neck.

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