Chapter Seven: Battle For The Children

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As we reached another large clearing close to the main clan. A large group of golden robed Mayjie gathered at the opposite edge. Olysseus projected an air of confidence and dominance as we sized up each member. They hid their faces under large hoods which made them seem more ominous. I looked for the children among the adult Mayjie and found quite a few strategically hidden behind the larger ones. The children were visibly shaking at the sight of my mate. Which I could feel how much that hurt him.

"Roughly two-hundred left. Maybe more hidden in the forest as reinforcements. Stay on your guard, Dove."

I nodded and unsheathed my sword, setting it aflame. A small idea on how to save all the children popped into my head as I looked at the fertile ground around us. I had never tried it, but Mother said we could heal and grow plants because of my Grandmother. Mother was learning to Master it herself before teaching me. But the determination I felt to save all these kids gave me the inner strength to try.

"I have an idea. But. I've never tried using these abilities before."

"Give it a shot, Little Mate. I'd rather not have to take young lives today."

I nodded and quickly took off my boots. I had a vague idea of how to do this. I had to focus on the energy of the Earth around me. Everything has its own life force, including people. But I'd only be able to manipulate plant energy. I felt the soft dirt under my sensitive feet and immediately felt the loving warmth of the plants around me. While projecting my own will into the buzzing plants, golden light started to take over the flames surrounding me. This new power made me feel stronger than before and I continued to focus on protecting the children.

A child's energy was cool and unstable, much like their souls. They weren't done developing. I suppressed the anger I felt bubbling inside towards the Mayjie and continued to weave thick grass towards each child. My entire body now alight in gold was bending the plants to tangle each child, making them unable to battle. This diminished the Mayjie's numbers quite a bit, but they felt still determined to shed blood today. As I lost control of the plants my flames returned tenfold and my body was buzzing with energy.

"Come forth the Beast inside. Let my rage be amplified." Olysseus suddenly spoke, his body gracefully morphing into his alternate form.

I was momentarily mesmerized by my mate. He stood even taller now with the confidence of a Minotaur. The beast in me clawed against its confinements, wanting to be released as well. I obeyed the wishes of my body and let go of the restraints of the monster in my mind. My body transformed into my larger, monstrous form. Olysseus pulled out his axes as I spread out my wings. We looked like an intimidating pair as war drums began from the other side. Olysseus let out a war cry, challenging the Mayjie to attack first.

I instinctively howled to the sky. Making some of the Mayjie back up a couple steps in fright. My wings flapped and ruffled as I jumped from foot to foot, anxious to fight. Olysseus stood as still as a statue as he waited for the Apostates to attack.

The war drums suddenly picked up speed and sound and the Apostates released their own war cries, some running forward with daggers. While others stood back and attacked with golden rays of magic. I didn't want to find out what those rays would do to me as I noticed the first few shots making the ground explode when it hit.

Olysseus charged forward and I followed suit, quickly getting ahead and meeting the first wave of Mayjie. My claws were the first things to shed blood on the once beautiful green field. The first Apostate took claws directly into his chest, killing him instantly. I quickly moved onto another as Olysseus took out each one that ran at him with his axes. Blood spilled as Apostates fell one by one. They were either, torn, clawed or chopped as we fought side by side.

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