Chapter 19: The Big Reveal

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Technically, technically, this wasn't your first kidnapping. You came to with a blindfold and gag on, tied to a chair when you thought back to your first kidnapping.

Peter, Ned, and MJ pretended to kidnap you for your birthday almost a year ago, surprising you with renting out the entire paintball arena. You were partnered with Peter and it was the best birthday you ever had.

This was a little different. When you woke up, you were in a panic, only being able to grasp your surroundings with hearing and smell can be a bit daunting. You needed to stay calm if you were going to get through this alive.

"She's awake." A man with a thick accent that you recognized said.

You've watched enough clips and old videos to know where that accent originates and due to the whole kidnapping situation, it's safe to say you're right.

It's Hydra.

Okay, so maybe even if you're calm, you don't make it out alive. I mean Hydra isn't exactly known for its leniency.

"Wow, that's bright." You groaned when he ripped the blindfold and gag off.

"Shut up!" He shouted and slapped you across the face.


"Let me guess," You spat the blood out of your mouth to the side, "You want me to give up some information?" You smirked, "Otherwise, I'd be dead, yeah?" You looked to the other one, "Yeah?"

"He said shut up, I suggest you listen." He warned, surprisingly in an American accent.

The first one showed his face and neck, no scar. The second one was almost completely covered so that was to be determined.

"I'm not really the silent type." You shrugged and then winced hard at the pain shooting through your shoulder.

"Not so funny now?" The first one spat, and you forced a laugh.

"Did you shoot me in the shoulder? Dude, you chloroformed me, why the extra?" You played it off, but in reality, it hurt like a bitch.

"To wake you up." He shrugged and the other one looked away.

"Then why the bandage?" You peered at the white cloth and duct tape that covered your shoulder.

"Enough!" The first one shouted angrily, snapping both your and the second one's attentions to him, "You will tell me where your parents are hiding and then you'll tell me what Stark is working on."

"You never mentioned Stark." The second one whispered.

"I just did." He sneered.

"I'm gonna name you, Palpatine," You gestured to the first guy and then looked to the second, "And you're Vader."

"Does that make you Leia?" Vader smirked.

"He makes a joke!" You cheered and then winced, "Fuck- you really did a number on an unconscious woman."

"L/n. Stark." Palpatine demanded.

"Look, I hate my parents, hell, if they died from an overdose, I'd barely bat an eye," You told him, "But I'm not a snitch."

"You die for them then."

"Feels a little extreme, don't you think?" You joked, trying not to think of the situation in terms of reality.

The second one, or Vader, stayed quiet. He was listening intently.

"Stark then." He commanded.

"He might be a little mad when he finds out I'm missing." You told him honestly.

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