monoma neito

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hate relationship.

We're in a hate relationship. Fucking Monoma and I are the worst if being paired. He'd do anything to push my buttons in class just so I'd get in trouble. He's a sadistic creep that's what he is.

I met that guy four years ago at a friend's birthday party. He approached me out of nowhere with that sinister smile of his and gave me the most lame-ass pickupline but I didn't think he took the same major as me at the time so I met him in class and fucking hell he humiliated me during presentation.

"If you guys wanna knowㅡ this girl puked at our friend's birthday party and took off her shirt when she was drunk."

I can still hear the laughter from our classmates from that hideous flashback. I hate him so much.

"Yo, purple snack," he smirked when he spotted me sitting in the campus' park.

I covered my face with my book so people won't know that we're acquaintance but that guy just had to sit beside me and steal one of my snacks.

"You can take the snacks with you just leave," I growl.

"Sorry purple snack, but I decide things on my own," he said.

I sighed.

"Why are you here?" I questioned.

His smirked dropped and his eyes fell to his lap. The expression on his face changed when I ask. He looked serious for once and never have I ever seen him this way before. So I cleared my throat.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to," I said.

"No, it's not thatㅡ it's justㅡ" he turns to look at me and I motion him to go on, "Is it weird that I want to be nice to you?"

I froze.


"Totally. Abnormally." I quickly replied.

His lips broke into his usually grin, "I knew it. Those bastards said that you like me and you want to date me."

I choked.

"WHO?!" I yelled.

He point his finger towards the said bastards. I look to the direction his finger was pointing and saw a group of our classmates sitting on the lawn in a circleㅡ which seems suspicious because it looks like they are in an attempt to summon something.

"Urghhh.... Kirishima," I hissed.

I turn to Monoma and grab his collar.

"One word to the disciplinary I will fucking kill you," I threaten.

"What are you gonna do to him?" he smirked.

"You'll see," I clicked my tongue when I let him go and approach the group of 'cult' not far from where I was.

I, for one, am not going to change our hate relationship.



Here's an update. I hope you like it. Not much of a progress but it will do I guess. I'm sorry for the short chapter and I promise that I will do a part 2 for this.

Thank You for reading!

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