Chapter Four

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Gwen told us about what it was like in America. We had been there before, but most of that was going to Disney World. People thought we were actually a part of Harry Potter World. When we reached the cinema, the light from outside had stopped reflecting as much so we could see inside. Phil was bouncing around, he was so excited.

"Do you two want anything?" I asked.

"Just a sprite, please," Gwen answered. I looked at Phil.

"Jelly babies," he said. I could tell he was about to jump out of his shoes, so I hurried over to the concession stands. After I got the drinks and candy, I motioned for them to follow me inside. Phil handed our tickets to the man standing outside the door. He nodded at us and we walked inside.

Gwen found a place in the back, closest to the speakers. I passed out the candy and drinks, and we talked while the previews played. Phil bounced up and down in his seat, making Gwen giggle. I had never heard her giggle, but it was nice. It was soft and melodic. She sat on my right side and Phil sat on my left. I was talking to Phil when I felt her smack me lightly on the arm. I looked over at her and acted offended. She only rolled her eyes.

"The movie's starting," she said in a whisper.

"Yes!" Phil whispered loudly. We grinned at him, then settled into our seats for the movie.

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