Chapter 1: The Same

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Derek point of view

Alright. Focus Derek.
'Just ten more.' I think to myself as I push my arms up the bar, feeling my arms flex and harden with each strain against gravity.

The moment is mine. To take.
I learned long ago that nothing in life is given to you. You have to take it. Completely own each moment.
Even though I was born rich, I've taken everything in life I have.
Being the youngest of three brothers, I had to take initiative to become the majority shareholder of the Kraus Enterprise. Nothing in life was handed to me. What I've done, no one else can do and that's why I'm here where I am today as the youngest billionaire in the world. At 30, I have more wealth I know what to do with. I've accomplished what most people can only dream of. Nothing comes new to me anymore.
"One." I exhale
And done! 500 pull-ups before 7 am. As always.
I make my way out of my home gym and to the shower. The cold water cascades my body as I think of the day planned out ahead.
It's the usual as always. Business meetings. People kissing my ass. Extravagant galas flowing with gluttony, money, and champagne. After a while it all becomes the same. So what, I'm in my New York office after six months of doing business deals in Dubai. All these cities become the same. The ass kissers become the same. The money becomes the same. Everything is the same.
I step out of the shower and dress in my crisp navy Ralph Lauren suit. Pushing my hair to the side with gel and shaving my stubble I look myself in the mirror.
Not bad at all Derek.
I look at my phone, 7:20 as expected. Even the time of day I get out the fucking shower is approximately the same.
I sigh to myself as I exit my penthouse and get ready to leave for work.
Another day, another destiny, except I already know how mine will go: the same as past conquered destinies I've taken.

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