Zendor the Barbarian... an adoptee's quest for identity

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Here Wego…

Everything is sacred, yet nothing is sacred. It IS the Way. It was just over half a century ago this life experience began and it has taken me down some tormenting and twisting roads of self-awareness and reflection. Don’t believe a thing.

I’ve been told there is no ego without wego, so…

This is the second in series of ‘fictional’ books about an adoptee’s quest for identity; the explorations of trials, tribulations and travails of life seen through the eyes of one who seeks to witness a new living reality that bridges science and spirituality; inner and outer space.

Zendor the Barbarian is a new myth that explores the awareness and consciousness of Einstein’s ‘spooky action at a distance;’ better known as a quantum entanglement through science, fiction and non-linear multidimensional reality. It is a story that continues to evolve, where one continues to question the nature and patterns of life, love and understanding.

How does one bridge worlds beyond the scope of human comprehension? How would you deal with a reality of life full of weird stuff that crafts a story so delicate and so expansive; full of OBEs, STEs, contactees, telepathic ease and more?

You are invited to enjoy a twirling and twisting tale of an adoptee seeking identity that will take you into realms most only imagine, let alone live. What he discovers creates questions no one on Earth seems to be able to answer, at least for now. His investigation unfolds like a science fiction novel, only it’s real.

He struggles with the linear logic of minds that are steeped in modern psychology and psychiatry. Lebruc knows he is more that his adoptive parents let on, yet they seem to not understand his true plight. He discovers a mystical path of the masters that bridges the science and math of self-replicating patterns across time and space.

His dreams and visions craft a lucid reality spanning multiple dimensions, defying belief systems that inhibit exploration and fact finding as experiential processes. He lives a waking life that can baffle the most brilliant as to its true explanation, yet it is a shared reality with many on Planet Earth and beyond.

This story crafts a new millennial myth of the growth in understanding that may lead humanity to harmony among people and planet. Humanity has a rightful place among universe affairs now, welcomed by our universal family.

The first book explored the early years of this one’s introduction to life on planet Earth; the ‘voice’ from beyond, out-of-body experiences and regular trips to the orange cigar-shaped cloud.

As a teenager Lebruc was introduced to the clair-alls (clairvoyance, clairsentience, et al) and other psychospiritual technologies including bi-location, psychokenesis and telepathy.

During his freshman year in college, his cosmic handler further introduced the concept of a ‘new world order’ during a brief return to the light after being asked if he was willing to die for what he believed in – and so doing. It was November 11, 1975. He remembered his home and cosmic consciousness was reason enough to return.

He recalled the points of consciousness he knew so well and vowed to work with them to facilitate a new world order of harmony among people and planet as the fulfillment of his purpose in this life.

Moving through the Messy Antic Complex thought impossible by an unsuspecting psychiatrist, he went further into the exploration of normal life; leaving college and finding employment.

He marries against the advice of his adoptive father and tries to explain his bizarre lucid life to his wife. She placates him for a while, but when she begins to experience a little ‘bleed over’ she begins to pull back and look for an exit strategy.