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one month later

I made sure the house was clean, making sure all of the Christmas decorations were up and in order.

I looked to Cayden, who was laying on her back on the ground.

"Hi pretty girl" I spoke with a smile before walking to turn off the tv, seeing her eyes follow me.

As I got out of her view, Luke entered the room, just as she rolled over to look to me.

Both Luke and I's mouths dropped.

"She rolled over!" I bounced happily, seeing Luke smiling.

"That's a big girl!" Luke yelled out happily, going to her and picking her up, bouncing her happily, her smile showing as she looked to him.

I walked beside him, rubbing her sides and tummy, us both talking to her about how big she was getting.

"Jesus Christ, slow down" spoke in my baby voice, seeing him look to me.

I packed his lips gently, smiling as I pulled away.

"We need to change"

The three of us changed into our matching pajamas, waiting on the rest of the guys along with mom and Bentley.

We were taking family pictures for Christmas cards and having a movie night.

Soon everyone started showing up, Bentley immediately running in, yelling from happiness

"Our pajamas match sissy!" He yelled, hitting me with a hug.

"Do you like them?" I laughed to him, kissing his head as he hugged me.

"I like matching you" he smiled.

Mom and Calum followed in with Michael and Ash, looking happier than ever.

Macey had moved out willingly.

They kept close tabs on her, but for the most part- she was free. After multiple threats of divorce and too many fights, mom finally realized that she was going to lose her marriage if she continued to put up with that bullshit, so she did the smart thing.

"Hi princess" Calum smiles, hugging me tightly before immediately taking Cayden from Luke.

We ended up taking pictures.

We set up timers for the group picture, eventually getting a good one.

Then we did mom, Calum and Bentley, and then I joined them for a separate picture.

Then we did Cal, Luke, Ash and Mike.

I got one with the boys too.

I got one with just Bentley and then one with Bentley and Cayden.

I got one with Cayden by myself.

The guys all took turns taking pictures with Cayden.

I got a picture with Luke and Cayden, one of us just sitting in front of the tree, myself holding Cayden and then one of Luke and I kissing, both of us holding Cayden.

"Cute" Calum smiled as my mom took it, making me smile.

I got a picture with just Cal, feeling him kiss my head for an off guard.

Once everyone was satisfied with the pictures, we put the Grinch in the movie player, everyone taking seats.

Michael held Cayden on his chest as he laid in a recliner.

Luke, Bentley and I shared a love seat, Ben sitting between Luke and I, giving me all of his love and attention.

Calum and my mom shared one end of the couch, Ash taking the other end- happy that no one could disturb him if he fell asleep.

And we all sat silent, eating popcorn, watching the movie.

One big, not exactly blood- but yet happy family.

I slowly leaned over Ben on a slow part of the movie, kissing Luke's gently, feeling him immediately smile as he grabbed my hand over Ben's lap.

"No" I heard Ben say, catching everyone's attention.

"Sissy is mine, no one can have her" he spoke sternly, pulling our hands apart, holding my hand himself, making me immediately kiss his head as Luke laughed- Calum laughing with him slowly.

"Calum- did you see what your son just did?" Luke laughed out as Ben moved closer to me, holding me more into him, which I gave into, letting him get rid of his little jealousy.

"What can I say" Calum laughed lightly.

"I taught him to never let a boy hold his sister- he's doing his job" Calum smiled.

"Ben, you have her whole torso to yourself- I can't even get a hand?" Luke asked him, tickling his side gently.

"No Luke, I told you already- Casey is not yours."

Luke and I made eye contact, myself not being able to withhold a smile.

"Sorry Lukey"

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