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TASK:steal bakugou's blazer

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steal bakugou's blazer


"i'm not a dumbass," bakugou said to you, watching as you tried to sneak behind him. "i may not know what your gremlin self is after, but im not dumb enough to not notice you crawling around here like the little spider you are."

"ha!" you laughed, sinking down into midoriya's seat while the boy was gone, "you think i'd dare to steal from the all mighty katsuki bakugou?!"

you saw a smirk twitch across his face at the praise you gave him.

"no way i'd ever chance that!"

"damn right you fucking crackwhore!!"

the class went silent.

sure, you were a crackhead, but sucking dick for cocaine? no ma'am.


the eerie silence made bakugou slightly rethink his wording, but he kept a bold appearance.

"you heard me."

next thing the class knew, the lights went out and you were gone.

"bakugou what the hell dude??" kaminari freaked, "you know how her quirk is!!"

"her.. quirk?"

"are you fucking dumb??" todoroki asked, stomping up to him. "she's got mega sneak dude. she could be crawling across the ceiling right now, and none of us would see her because she's too fast."

instinctively, everyone looked up, but you couldn't be seen.

"or.." he continued, "she could be any object in this room right now! she can change bro."

bakugou went silent. "change?"

"yeah!" midoriya chipped in, coming over from iida's desk, "she could be the desk, or the chair..."

"or even this textbook!" todoroki finished, knocking softly on the textbook that now sat on midoriya's desk.

all the class heard was a "ha!!" and poof!! out you bounced from the textbook.


"finally absorbed some knowledge [y/n]?" aizawa asked as he walked into the class. you nodded and he continued, "too bad it took you becoming the book to learn something."

"WHAT THE FUCK" bakugou screamed, and he got sent to the office to "cool down."

you swiftly grabbed his blazer from the back of his chair, going back to your desk in front of todoroki before anyone could notice.

☑️ steal bakugou's blazer

☑️ steal bakugou's blazer
🔲 steal iida's glasses
🔲 make kaminari break aizawa's picture frame
🔲 make todoroki wear iida's glasses
🔲 make ochako punch all might
🔲 make midoriya wear aizawa's scarf
🔲 have a picnic by stealing from others lunches!

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