Chapter Three

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It was a simple simple choice, I thought. Any other time I would have easily picked it out. But no. I was nervous. Why was I so nervous? I wasn't going on a date. Just an outing with two coworkers, or two friends. So why couldn't I pick out an outfit?

I couldn't go what I was in currently, a skimpy tank top and a pair of boyshorts? No thank you, not in public.

I eventually settled on jean shorts and a tee shirt. It was hot out today, so I slipped on my pair of black converse. My hair was put into its regular bun and my thick-rimmed glasses were shoved on as well.

I could pass as an eleventh-grade hipster wannabee.


Dan should be here in about five minutes.

To pass the time I decided to film a short video. My videos were never edited, simply me talking. Yet, I had many people subsribed to me, and BBC noticed.

I positioned myself behind my camera and turned it on.

"Heya," I smiled and waved, "Last week I talked about homophobes, and their ways. This week I'm talking about the aspects of sexist people. For anyone who does not know, ahem my younger viewers, being sexist is when you put your sex above the other. Typically it's when a male decides that all females are inferior to the males. A sexist male would typically say 'Get back in the kitchen, where you belong' or perhaps he would cat call a lady walking on the street, some even go far enough as to harass a woman by her breast size or butt size..."

Sime Tkip

There was a knock at my door. I finished titling the video and pressed publish. That's good. Then, I went over and opened my door. Dan and Phil were chatting quietly. If my 17 year old self knew this would happen to a her, she would flip out and die.

"-but it was funny in the end" Phil finished, "Hi Gwen."

"Hello Phil," I smiled, "Hello Daniel."

"Hey Gwendolyn," he smiled.

"You never said what movie we were going to go see," I said, locking my door.

"How To Train Your Dragon 2!" Phil said excitedly.

I smiled slightly and rolled my eyes.

"How long of a walk is it to the movie theater?"

"Only ten minutes," Dan said.

"Perfect!" I smiled.

We started our walk.

"So, you came from America?" Phil asked.

"Portland, Maine," I nodded.

"What made you want to move?"

"BBC offered me a job," I answered, "They're also paying half my tution to the University of London."

"Oh, is that why you're enterning fresh out of secondary school," Phil said.

"Yeah," I nodded.

"Are you still going to intern when you have school?" Dan asked.

"Yes, of course," I said, "I'm going to sign up for all morning and noon classes, so I can still come."


"Yeah," I nodded, "I wake up early, go to bed late though. Don't know how I do it."

"That's a skill," Dan said raising his eyebrows.

"Not that intresting," I shrugged.

"Do you plan on going home to visit for the holiday?" Dan asked.

"Not exactly," I shook my head.

"Really?" Dan asked, "Why not?"

"My mom and I are going through a rough patch, she might not let me leave. She wants me to be a therapist; I want to be on the radio. She signed me up for medical school, so I left in the middle of the night to come here since BBC had already offered me the job and school funding."

"Oh," Dan nodded.

"I made you uncomfortable, sorry," I apologized.

"Well, I did ask what happened."

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