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This dark shadow keeps grasping my soul

And dragging me down

It keeps causing pain and suffering

Anxiety and panic

I'm tired of feeling alone

Or that they will leave me

I will listen, but listen back to me

Don't accuse me of things that aren't true

If something is told to me

It stays with me until the end

I'm tired of caring about others

When they don't care about me

I'm tired of all the lies and the games

I'm done

I'm finished

Don't play with my emotions anymore

Don't play mind games with me

I know the signs

And I won't stand for it

If it keeps happening I'm done

You won't know me as your friend anymore

It will be like I never existed

Except in your mind

I'm done being a victim

I'm done feeling the anxiety and panic

I'm tired of my mind reeling so fast I can't keep up

I'm tired of not being able to concentrate

I'm tired of not being happy

I don't want to feel tied down anymore

Or have this weight on my shoulders

When I have fallen so low

You won't drag me down anymore

I'm climbing out of this hole

That has been dug for me

And I won't stop till I'm completely out

No one else will really know what I'm feeling

They can try with he way they've been through it

But truly they won't fully know

I'm saying goodbye to this darkness

And saying hello to the light.

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