Chapter Two

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Gwen and I talked all the way to her flat. Nothing serious, just idle small talk. Her flat sat on the end and had a bright red door. She hopped up the steps two at a time and unlocked her front door.

"Hey Gwendolyn," I called up to her, causing her to turn.

"Yes?" I started to get nervous and I refrained from chewing my lip.

"Would you-um- would you like to go to the cinema with Phil and me?" I asked, trying not to sound like a complete and total idiot. She paused and thought about it which made me even more nervous.

"Yeah, sounds like fun," she said with an easy smile. I smiled back in relief.

"Great. That's fantastic. I'll-um- text you the details later. Night Gwendolyn," I said as I tried to wipe my clammy hands on my jeans.

"Night Daniel," and with that, she disappeared in her flat. I got so excited that I banged into trashcan when I turned around. I waited until I was several meters away before I called Phil.

"Hello?" Phil's voice came through.

"She said 'yes'," I said as I looked around for anymore trashcans that I could possibly run into.

"Who said 'yes'?" He asked in confusion. I huffed slightly in small frustration.

"Gwen. Gwen said 'yes', Phil," I said excitedly.

"So you asked her out, then?" Phil asked in surprise. I hesitated before answering.

"Um, not exactly. I asked her to come to the movies with us," I said.

"Dan, we don't have any plans to go to the movies," He said I'm confusion.

"Yeah, I know that, but we are going to make plans. We'll talk more about it when I get back. See you in a bit, Phil," I said before I hung up. On the way home, I may or may not have ran into about 15 trashcans.

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