Assignment 1: December 2nd - December 16th

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Week 1: 12/2-12/16
(I know it's more than one week. It's just easier to refer to each assignment as "Week #" rather than "Assignment #")

Alright everyone, our first pairings! Please let us know if you can't read your assignment for any reason, and feel free to tell us if you want to permanently pair with someone. This is your assignment for the next two weeks; read four chapters unless it's your first trial. Remember to follow the process and review the "Comments" chapter if unsure of what to do. You can get an extension at any time.

If you are unsure of if they have chapters under 1,000 words, please refer to their forms or ask them.

Permanent/Repaired Pairings


This Week

Pairing #1
FutureWriterLA - Accidentally Reviving a Serial Killer
risen_phoenix - EPOCH

Pairing #2
QueenXirinOfArvada - Breathless: When Clouds Gather
KGBuchanan - Minor Delusions

First Trials

Admin: ccallis0246
Lovely Little Lies

Admin: Jumping_Jiminys
The Girl that Could

Perfect 10

The Year Package

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