Initiation Pt2

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Intro Begins

Y/n was walking towards Beacon with his team,alongside with his sister and her team. Next it shows him fighting off Grimm and White fang with a righteous Fury. After that he is shown to be sitting outside while someone is with him as they lie down resting her head on his shoulder. Then it shows imperial vessels in space as the adeptus astartes of the Silver Bear and others make their warp jump into the unknown. Lastly he is shown to look up at the night sky as a growl of a mighty bear is heard as he says these words.

"I will never fear what lurks in the darkness. For I am my father's sword and the Imperiums Shield. I will fight the enemies of mankind in his name. To serve and protect the citizens of the Imperium. For I am my father's son and always will be. Nothing will stop me no heretic,traitor or demon of making my dream come true. I will never stop fighting for my father, the Imperium,for Arterious, Remnant,my sons,my family,friends and those I hold dear. This is who I am. Y/n Rose Primarch of the XXI Legion, will give the light of hope to those who need it. As the mighty beast, I will stand tall and valiant as the bulwark against terror. For I shall know no fear."

Intro ends.

When the first rays of morning light came into Beacon. Y/n was the first to wake up as he stood up and began to stretch out and look around. As he saw the rest of them still asleep. He then look at his little sister and smile how he knew she was a heavy sleeper.

Still he went on about his morning routine and a little later after a good shower. He went towards the lockers.

Y/n:*though* By the golden throne. How many blasted lockers are here. I swear this schola is something else.

When he was near his locker number. He saw two girls standing there. One white hair and pale skin with a dress that screamed she was a rich brat. The other is wearing something similar to armor but having red hair and emerald eyes. Y/n swore that something about her felt familiar and he couldn't help but wonder how.

He shook it of as he headed towards the girls and tap on the other shoulder.

Weiss: Yes.

Y/n: Beg your pardon miss. But you seek to be in front of my locker and I need to get my gear ready.

Weiss: I'm sorry.

She step aside as he open the locker and began to put on his wargear. The armor wasn't the same as the power armor he had before but, he was able to get use to the weight. It was the MK IV Maximus armor replicate with how the technology here seems to be for a better term lacking. When he finish putting it on and checking his sword boltgun and ammo which is not as effective like the .75 caliber ammo of a bolter but better than nothing and after appeasing it's machine spirits he's done. Though Y/n wonder if he, had been with the adeptus mechanicus for a bit to long.

He let out a amused snort as he turn to look at the two, who look shock at his armor in full glory. When he took off the helmet and look at them.

Y/n: Is there something wrong?

Weiss: Yes why do you wear armor when we have Aura. It's unbecoming of huntsman.

Y/n borrowed his eyes on her. By his father that this brat. Doesn't she understand that no true warrior can rely on Aura alone. He doubts that it would be effective against bolt rounds and energy weapons, since they are not dust. As well he knows that his sons and other Astartes can defeat huntsman with ease.

Y/n: Well if you think that the the lady over there. Wearing spartan armor is unfit to be a huntsman as well. Also relying solely on aura can lead to your own death due to your damned prided.

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