When they see you dancing

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I will repeat this to be sure everyone know:

Gender, hair style, height and such things are all up to you. I won't mention any of these. Requests are always open.


When he entered the shop to find you just silly dancing with Faust, he smiled then sneaked up behind you before hugging your waist, laughing at the shocked/surprised scream you let out. After you annoyed hit chest a few times for scaring you, he asked what you're doing so just said having a party with Faust. Of course he couldn't just stand to the side so he joined in the silly dancing.


If you're silly dancing, she will just stand aside and watch you, enjoying your silly dancing. If it is ballroom dancing, she will join in. She is also the one who taught you how to ballroom dance.


If he's drunk, he will be the first one to dance, forcing you up from your chair to join him. But when he's sober and he sees you dancing, he will just watch from the side. When you ask him to join, he will hesitate, a bit nervous, but then smile and join you in your dancing.


He will just stare, wondering what the fuck you're doing then just continue whatever he was gonna do. Now and then glancing at you, sometimes mumbling not to knock something over or hit anything.


She will immediatly join you, laughing in joy. She likes to lift your hand above her head, twirling herself then continuing to dance.


He throws many parties so are dancing a lot. You are pretty sure Lucio throws half these parties just to see you dancing and enjoying yourself. He either stand to the side, drinking. Or he will join in your dancing, not caring when people gave him weird looks.

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