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Introduction - Please Read!

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Whenever I visited my grandmother's house as a teenager, there was one ritual I could count on. I would always inevitably not bring enough books to read for the duration of our visit there. So I would go to her bookshelf, searching the shelves for anything of interest. However before I could even REACH for one of the novels, my grandmother would always say, "Don't touch that!"

And just that quickly, the books were deemed not for me. As I stared at my grandmother's rows of Harlequin novels, she would always tell me those are grown-up books.

I didn't understand the reasoning behind her refusal until I was much older. When I finally did, my second question was if these were such taboo books then why were they basically on display? Even after she passed away (may she rest in peace), this always puzzled me.

I finally learned that "why" when I wrote Off Script, my first romance novel. It was a blast to write. While I was shy about putting it on Wattpad, I also felt like I might have found my home in romance. Then, when Off Script started developing a following, I knew I—and my grandma—had been right all along. Romance is where it's at!

This childhood story and reflection isn't just for comic relief here. It's also to show my journey to becoming a "real" writer has been ongoing, ever since I was a kid. My grandma helped push me to see what that could really mean by branching out into the romance genre.

Wattpad's Paid Stories program has now become another facet of that journey. It's another step on that "real writer" path, where I can finally develop some financial support—thanks to you--for my writing. That support will allow me more time to write and put out stories you will hopefully love.

So what does being a Paid Story mean for Off Script readers? Here are the highlights:

- Starting December 4th, Off Script will become part of the Paid Stories program. The first few chapters of the story will be posted without needing coins. However, to read later chapters in the story, readers can use coins to unlock them.

- You can use the coins to unlock the story one chapter at a time or use them to unlock the whole story.

- Wattpad offers a variety of different coin packs and often has various deals and promotions to help you guys earn coins.

- Lastly, you are amazingly awesome for thinking about checking out Paid Stories. There are a lot of great authors making fantastic books in the program. It's definitely worth a try.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey. If you decide to read the preview, I hope you enjoy it. And if you read beyond that...well, my grandma and I would be truly grateful. 

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