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Just when I thought

love was not for me,

then along came you.

_Mark Anthony


Never had I ever been afraid looking at her chocolate orbs than then. Her eyes were narrowed into slits while she glared at me with her hands on her hips and lips curling down in a frown. 

When I entered the apartment to find Cindy, Ina, Noah and Imran sitting on the couch with a forlorn expressions on their faces, I knew that I was in for trouble. More than once Ina had warned me about taking my phone along whenever I stepped out and I never listened, that ended up in finding myself in dangerous situations.

'You've gone for more than two hours' Cindy frowned with one hand on her waist while she regarded me with a look of disapproval.

So I noticed. But I didn't have enough guts to say it out loud.

'You went to the park? How did you even get in?' Noah exclaimed plopping down on the couch while he rubbed his face with his hands.

'I jumped the gate?' I winced while telling the answer.

'You've a phone for a single purpose of contacting any person when you would be late Emily. Not to throw it in the house as an exhibit' Ina fumed.

I cursed when she used my full name. She never did that unless she was pissed.

'Not cool Em' Imran shook his head.

'I'm sorry guys. I just lost the track of time' I sighed, the toll of everything which happened sunk in and I wanted to sleep.

'You would have, if you carried your phone' Cindy countered and I hung my head down.

'Its been a long day everyone. Lets call it a night' Ace's voice left no room for argument as he ushered me into my room.

I looked weirdly at Imran when he immediately scattered away from his place to give Ace a way to walk. 

Oh yeah, he still wasn't his usual self around him. He acted as if he was scared of Ace and when I asked him what the deal was, he just shrugged and said that it was nothing. I found it suspicious, he was hiding something.

I'd think about it later, now I wanted sleep.

Ace helped me from my jacket and my sweater. I buried myself in my sheets after removing my shoes. I heard some shuffling and looked up from the pillow under which I had covered my head, to see Ace removing his jacket as well.

'You're staying?' I asked hopefully.

'Do you want me to stay?' he asks while he hangs his jacket and starts to remove his dress shirt.

I look away when I get a tiny peek of rock hard pecs with pink tinge on my cheeks. I've never seen him without clothes and neither did he see me.

I just gave a nod.

'I'm staying then' he announced while he climbed on bed and pulled me into his arms.

I gasped when my forehead hit his warm torso. I looked up to see his blue orbs looking down at me with the softest look and a small, but genuine smile. He dropped a kiss on my nose and I let out a small giggle at that. It tickled.

'I love you' he said and I sighed at the words.

'I love you too' I reply back and he sucks in a breath.

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