part 33

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In morning

A brightest sun's ray thrust Turough the certain and fell on a beautiful couple who are sleeping cuddling each other. .

Ani. Hmm shiv she moan in sleep and hide her face in his neck to safe herself from sharp Rays

Shivay smile in sleep and hugged her tightly.

Shiv. Ani

Ani.. hmm

Shiv. Dont move. He groan. Anika lazily open her eyes and kissed his cheek.

Ani. Are you alright shiv. Shivay smile and planted a kiss on her forehead.

Shiv. It should be me who should ask you about your health and here you are asking.

Ani. I'm alright dont worry. She smile.

Shiv. That's mean we can do one more round also.he said climbing on her excitedly.

Ani. Stop it what are you doing.

Shiv. That only which you wanted.

Ani. I dont want this. Its you  who is getting disparate. She said irritatedly.

Shiv. Why I couldnt be when I got a sexy and hot wife he whispered sucking her neck.

Ani. Mmm dont do this..

Shiv. Baby one more round plz

Anu. Shivaay I'm tired

Shiv. Dont lie .. before few minutes you said you are not tired then what happened now.

Ani. I was lying that time but now I'm serious

Shiv. Ok that's fine but can we take bath together plz.

Anika smile and suck his lips.

Ani. hottie. Shivaay smile widely and left in bathroom picking her up in his arms. .

After sometime

Anika came put following shivaay behind her and hurriedly started settling her hair and dupata

Anika came put following shivaay behind her and hurriedly started settling her hair and dupata

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Ani. I had asked you to take only bath but you cheapra started your romance.  Now look babies gonna be late for their school because of you.  .

Shivaay immediately grabbed her and started nuzzling in her hair.

Ani. Stop it

Shiv. No he turned her and kisses her whole face.

Ani. Shivaay stop it dont be so naughty. Other wise I'll shift in babies room.if you will continue this.

Shivaay got terrified and immediately left her

Shiv. How can you do this to your hubby ani. Atleast think about his innocent desires.

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