A Seemingly Normal Day

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Lars's POV

"Morning, Go Jetters!"

I  woke up to Ubercorn's call. And then I remembered: today was our day off. I'd get to have fun with my friends with no Glitches to fix. That'll be nice. I walked into the kitchen.

"Hey Lars!" Ubercorn was making breakfast while Xuli and Fox waited. Kyan wasn't up yet. That was not a first; Kyan often overslept.

I slapped an open palm against my face. "Has Kyan overslept AGAIN...?"

Xuli groaned. "Yep. I'll go get him." She started to walk to the door, but she never made it.

"OH YEAH! FANTASTIC GYMNASTICS TIME!!!" Kyan shot out of the tunnel, right past Xuli, and did some crazy flip on the table where me and Foz were sitting. "Aced it! That's how you arrive in..." He tried to do another flip, but instead slipped and fell on the ground. "....style. Oops."   

Xuli, Foz and I were cracking up; Ubercorn smiled and said: "Well, get up off the floor, Kyan, 'cause it's time to eat. Pancakes, anyone?"

Kyan immediately got up, and Xuli took her seat, as Ubercorn slid four plates of pancakes to each of us. We dug in. Ubercorn's pancakes were delicious.

We were all laughing and having fun. Little did we know at Grim HQ, a sinister plot was bing cooked up by Glitch and his Grimbots, and we would have a HUGE Glitch to fix.

Please keep in mind that this is my first story ever, so I apologize if its bad.

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