Chapter 2 : As a Partner

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From a distant away, a certain burgundy-haired boy is clearly getting cornered by different demons at the same time. It was clear that he was being targetted, yet it seemed like the demons themselves were too occupied with each other as they kept on fighting of who can get the boy first. For a second, they were completely distracted, a perfect once in a lifetime chance for him to run away which you had originally expected him to do.

Yet he didn't.

Unlike any other demon slayers that you encountered before during the Final Selection, he was the first person that you met to not run away even after knowing full well that there's a chance for him to do it. It was clear that he was a bit taken aback by the demons all of a sudden arguing with each other, but that doesn't change the fact that he stayed in his place; perhaps finding a chance where he can decapitate them all.

There are actually capable people in this place after all.

That was a rather blunt thought. But then again, it wasn't completely wrong either, right?

He's now surrounded quickly by them all. No matter where he looked, the demons were already standing right beside him in every way. They all were putting up a baffled expression with a sinister look, seemingly enjoying themselves at this very moment with the thought of getting a new meal for the night.

Until a sword was thrown directly into one of the demons' neck out of the blue, catching everyone who witness the scene off-guard. Pale-colored skin that soon fades into a purple one was a sight that made them all freeze in their place—The skin color itself is a direct contrast to the bright-red pools of blood that slowly expands on the ground.

The demon who got stabbed in its neck quickly fell with a loud thud, thanks to the poisonous liquid inserted through into its blood vessel. The intense atmosphere is followed by the sinister footsteps of a young girl merely a few feet away, taking back her sword after slinging it away a few times to remove the extra blood that came off onto her blade.

"I see that you need some assistance." You spoke while making an eye contact with the burgundy-haired male—The same person who accidently bumped into you a little while ago.

He was looking over his shoulder as you were standing right behind him; shielding his back away from the other demons who got intimidated by what you have done—By what a female demon slayer just done. They were growling and took out their sharp claws even more, now practically looking like wild animals.

The male was about to ask a question before you decided to speak up once more, "don't mind me." You interrupted, "for now, let's focus to these problems at hand. Introductions can wait for later."

Even though he was inevitably confused and in fact, getting even more alert with your arrival, he nodded in agreement anyway and turn his attention back to the few leftover demons in front of him.

It was two demon slayers versus four different demons, with you and the boy each have your own opponents to deal with. Quite an amusing sight to witness; a showdown between human strength and the 'enhanced' version of it. Technically.

"AKH! WHY are you even here to help him?!" One of the demons exclaimed, obviously pointing its anger towards you. "It'll just make things harder for me! I'M HUNGRY AND DON'T CARE ANYMORE ABOUT ALL OF THIS!"

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