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•{ Tori's POV }•

Everyone is just starring at me looking stunned.. Greta fake coughs making everyone snaps out of whatever trance they were in.

Luca offers his hand to help me take the last step..which I accept.

Angelina and Elena quickly come up to me and walk around me before coming back to face me.

"You look drop dead gorgeous!" Angelina says

"Stunning as always." Elena adds in

"Thank you both! Greta was a big help." I say

As I gesture for a very nervous looking Greta to come down the steps and stand beside me. Which she hesitantly does.

"Greta, you did a phenomenal job."
Elena compliments

Greta slightly bows her head and says "Thank you ma'am." with a smile even though they are about the same age. Which is weird for me.

"Tori I know you are probably excited about the party and your first taste of the mafia outside of this house..but it's dangerous."
Riccardo warns

I wanted to laugh but I didn't want to be disrespectful so I nod in understanding.

"We want you to have fun but also know that it isn't a princess type of ball.." Francesco says

I see Lorenzo raising an eyebrow at me almost expecting me to say something but I just nod in understanding again.

"Take everything seriously and be prepared for anything.." My father adds

I can see Diego smirk and Luca gently squeezes my hand that I didn't even know he was holding almost as to get me to say something.

"I understand and appreciate all of your concern. I'll take what you said under advisement." I say simply and calmly

"Now that all of you are done with your warnings..we should be going now." Luca says
as he lets go of my hand and puts his on my back and starts leading me to the door.

He leads me out to a fancier black suv and Marco jumps in the passenger seat, because they have a driver tonight. Luca opens the door to the backseat and lets me climb across frost before he gets in beside me. We start riding and at first it was like dead silence and it didn't feel awkward but I got bored after a while.


"Is there anything else I should know? Like who is attending or hosting this party?" I ask

"Stefan Lombardi, and his wife Vera are hosting. They are in charge of the gangs across Italy, their work is smaller, but we like to call them our business partners in a way." Luca informs

"Good to know." I say

"Vera, is actually Russian and Adrian is her step brother. They are the same age but Vera's mother was forced into marrying Anatoly despite him killing her late husband, Vera's father. Because her mother provide for her but a few years ago Adrian killed her mother, and Vera escaped and seeked refuge in Italy."
Marco explains

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