Love At First Sight

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Okay, so here's something irritating...

Barely anyone on here knows how to write an actual romance. This is irritating. Like, girl walks into the woods, randomly kisses a guy, and they get married two months later. I've never ever ever understood that stupid concept!

I'm guessing people who don't have lives write dumb things like those. It's hard to not just skip to the romantic part in a story, but love at first isn't exactly something to give you reads. It doesn't work.

I would so give you an example, but I don't want to get slapped in the face by one of the Wattpader's that want to prove me wrong. Actually, I'll do it anyway with a real book that I won't say the title of and won't say it word for word because I forgot which book this happened in...:

They were fighting with knives. The boy was about to win, and he pinned the girl to the ground. The girl kissed him, so he'd be distracted. The boy was surprised at first, but he instantly fell in love with her because of the kiss and kissed back. Then, while still kissing her, he carried her bridal style to his house.

I instantly got the book out of my library. I can not stand romance stories that don't have romance. I mean, I love describing kisses as much as the next girl. Actually, that's my favorite part in writing a romance book, but when you do it in the first chapter... Definitely when they don't even know each other's names... It's just plain stupid...

Love at first sight isn't supposed to be taken seriously. There aren't many relationships that last when you get married in Vegas shortly after they met. If you know someone or you've done it yourself and it lasted, I applaud you. Of course, I still would like to question your common sense!

I would be okay with the girl kissing the guy for the distraction, but due to the fact that he instantly fell in love with her, all of these foul words that came in my mind. If a couple falls in love with each other because of the way they kiss, you might as well become a stripper.

Excuse me for saying that...

It's true though. I don't know how a story like that involves romance at all. I've read trashy stories and stupid ones that have better love stories than that.


I've chilled out, and honestly, I usually add a way to resolve this, but there really isn't one. There are many ways to prevent it though. I'm only going to give you one though, and it's the best one ever:

Lead with your head, not your heart and your desires.

Now, if you've done this, go sit in a corner and think about what you've done.

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