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•{ Tori's POV }•

Luca walks in my bedroom seeming confident.
He catches my eyes first then he shuts the door behind him as his eyes drink me in.

"Ever heard of knocking?" I ask with my hands on my hips being sassy.

"I came to tell you that you drive me crazy. One minute you are this innocent angel and the next your ripping into me and anyone else like a heartless mafia leader. You confuse me."
Luca says

"I sometimes confuse myself..so that's understandable." I say as I put my jeans and black tank top on.

"What you said was disrespectful and if anyone else had of said even half of what you said I would've put a bullet in between their eyes...you questioned not only me but the person who taught." Luca says
while walking over to me.

"What do you want me to say? That I'm sorry and that from here on out I'll bite my tongue."
I question simply

"No. I want you to never change."
Luca says as he places a hand on my cheek then he goes on to say "Even though you questioned me it doesn't make you wrong...it makes you stupidly brave...and I never want you to change that."

He rubs my cheek with his thumb then he takes his hand away and steps back.

"I have a party to attend tonight. I want you to come with me as my date. I want you to see and experience all sides of the mafia."
Luca says

"What kind of party?" I ask

"It's one of our partners. It'll be snobby and full of rich people but I think you'll manage fine."
Luca answers

"Are you actually going to ask me or..?"
I question

Luca lets out a breathy laugh.

"Will you Victoria Nicole Miller Ferrari be my date for tonight's part?" Luca asks dramatically

"No." I say and he just raises an eyebrow questioning me

"But you can be my date." I say and he laughs then sends me a smirk and then he says "I'll consider myself honored then."

"As you should." I joke with my own smirk

Luca just smiles shaking his head then he goes to walk back to the door he opens it and looks at me one last time and says "I'll have your dress sent up by Greta, and I'll have my mother and Angel come up here to help you get ready."

I just nod knowing my plan to send Angelina and Elena away so I can do it all myself.


I had a salad for lunch with Angelina, my mother, and Greta who I made take a break and eat with us in my room once she brung the dress up. Then I sent Angelina and Elena away so I could get myself ready. Greta almost begged to stay to help me get all of my stuff out to help me get ready being I sent the others away. I hesitantly agreed wanting to be independent but Elena and Angelina said they wouldn't leave unless I accepted Greta's help.
So I accepted.

I went and got in a hot bubble bath as I watched Sex and the City on an IPad..Although I didn't get my hair wet. After I relaxed a bit I threw on my undergarments Greta picked out and threw a robe on. Then Greta got me to sit so she could paint my finger nails and toe nails.

I told her I could do it but she insisted saying she had always wanted a daughter to do stuff like this with. So I let her.

Then after my nails dry. She helps me style my hair. I did most of it but she helped.

After my hair I did my makeup because she said she wasn't much for makeup.

Greta got my dress ready for me.

Seeing how much time has passed I ask Greta "When am I suppose to be downstairs?"

"In ten minutes." Greta answers

"Who else is going?" I ask

"Just you, Mr. Luca, and Mr. Marco." She says

"Ok. Do you want to help me get into my dress?" I ask

"Of course. I would be honored." Greta says

Greta helps me slip on my dress then she takes a step back and I turn around.

"How do I look?" I ask her

"Beautiful just like your mother." Greta says

"Thank you!" I say then I go and look at myself in the mirror and ask  "Are you sure I'm dressed appropriately for this party?"

"I think it's perfect after all Mr. Luca sent Miss. Elena and Miss. Angelina to go pick out the dress and told them to pick out the best that they could find." Greta says

"He did?" I question surprised

"He did. Tori if I may, I've been observing everything for years.. and you are by far the most humble person I've ever met here...and tonight and from every day on people in this life will try to take advantage of your humbleness and kindness. Always be who you are but stay aware of everyone else around you.
The men are dangerous but most of the women are the devils daughters. Just be careful."
Greta warns in her own way

"Thank you for everything today!" I tell her

She reminds me of my mother she actually only a few years older than what my mother was.

"Anytime. Now you go and show them women that you are better in every way and show them men that you are their equals and there isn't a thing they can do about it."
Greta says with a smile

"I will don't you worry." I say

"Now let me take you downstairs so we can see everyone's reactions to the mafia princess dressed for the title." Greta says

"I'm no princess." I reply

"You are just not a spoiled princess but you are entitled to this life sometimes you need to just embrace it." Greta adds

"I'll keep that in mind." I say

Greta opens my bedroom door and we walk down the stairs before I can reach the bottom I see my father, Riccardo, Angelina, Francesco, Elena, Luca, Marco, Lorenzo, and Diego all waiting at the bottom looking stunned.

You would think at some point they would stop being surprised...

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