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•{ Tori's POV }•

Two days has already passed. It's been pretty boring to say the least...but today I'm training with my father, Luca, and Diego.

They told me to be in the training area by five o'clock in the morning. Which is where I am.
And yet the only one here with me is Diego..

"Where are they?" I ask out loud

Diego just shrugs seeming use to it.

"They are nearly twenty minutes late." I state

Diego just nods.

"I'm going to give them a piece when they get here..." I tell him and he smirks and nods

"I knew you were my favorite." I say to Diego

My father and Luca came threw the doors in athletic clothing like Diego and myself.
They both seem to wear I don't care facial expressions and they definitely put off a f*ck off vibe.

"First we are going to do hand to hand combat." My father says and I ignore him and just simply get up and walk into the boxing ring. I see Diego smirk as if he knows my plan.

My father and Luca look confused.
"Is she ok?" I hear my father ask Diego to which Diego just shrugs.

My father and Luca step into the ring.

"You'll fight both of us and we won't take it easy on you..but we won't knock you out like we do some of the others." My father says as a warning and it just pisses me off more but
I remain calm and cold.

"Ok we'll start." Luca says then he swing I do a back bend making him hit nothing but air.
Then him and my father hang up on me but I keep dodging.

I can tell both of them are annoyed.

Luca swings at me and I just simply side step him then my father try's to throw a hit but I duck just in time making him hit Luca in the arm and Luca punches him in the side.

"merda" Luca says under his breath

Why both of them are confused as to what went wrong I step back around and punch my father across the face then I swing backwards kicking Luca in the chest. Making them both stumble backwards. Then I climb out of the ring before they even realize what hit them.

I walk back over to Diego and stand beside him. My father and Luca look at each other confused then look at Diego and I.

"Both of you are the ones who need training. You were twenty minutes late. It even shows in your attacks. Both of you are to slow. Sure both of you are strong and skilled but if you don't have speed then the two of you and this whole mafia is already dead." I say boldly then I start to walk away before I turn around and say "Oh and one more thing never be late when it comes to plans with me. Next time I'll shoot you."

"Tori you can't speak to either of us like that!" My father says trying to remain calm

"Maybe I'm not suppose to and maybe others are to scared to...but both of you need a bit of humbling before all of us die because you are overly confident." I reply then walk out the door going to the kitchen for breakfast.

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