Chapter Twenty-Three: A Cold Death

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Third Person POV

He loaded up his gun, aiming it in front of him. "Boss, it's not my fault! I-I didn't know!" he said, making him more angry. "You damn right you are! Is that all you got before I kill you and execute your family?" he hissed. "Boss I--' he shot him. One on the leg, making the man's kneecaps bend forcefully as he screamed in agony in front of his murderer. He did not feel mercy, he was satisfied. The murderer tilted his head to the side, his raven side bangs covering half of his left eye.

He shot him twice on the chest. The man had no chance of screaming in pain. or even plea for help. He knows he cannot, and he knows that the people around him would just stare. The man's bloody body fell, not outliving any of the shots. The raven-haired man yawned, like its a normal routine he's getting tired of. All the men stared at the dead body, giving a quiet mourning ceremony for the man shot dead on the cold stone floor.

The man shot an intimidating stare, matching it with his intimidating long fingers that was fidgeting with the handle of the gun. The people stared, quiet as ever. Some bit their lip down, and some was drained from colors, mostly those who are newly recruits. They were not scared because they might be the next one in line of murder, but afraid of what will become of their families lives.

The raven-haired man slid his hand on his pocket and took out his cellphone. He dialed a number and smirked as it ring. "Take agent four zero seven's family hostage. Make sure none of them could escape. Take their belongings if you want, and make sure they have no access in any medias. Keep them out of reach to their connections, or else you'll be next," he stated.

He paused for a moment, listening to the other side of the phone. He nod his head, making his smirk only grow wider. "Oh and one more thing," he shot a glare at the people standing in front of him. "I'll be paying a visit of agent six zero eight's family." he ended the call and let out a chuckle. He looked at the people around him and hissed, "What are you fools looking at? Chop, chop! Time's ticking! unless you want your death today too." he rolled his eyes at them.

The people began to move along. Before they were like statues, unable to move. Unable to speak, unable to do anything like its their job to just stay quiet, which it is. Some volunteered to drag the body away, and some volunteered the burn away the body and clean out any evidence.

He tucked away his gun as he heard heels clicking through the room, and the people made way for the girl. The raven-haired man made a 'tsk' sound, sounding as if he was abruptly disturbed. "Another man dead I see. I could smell the stench down here, I don't know how you survive with it." she wrinkled her nose.

"A dead man must not tell no tales," the raven-haired man flipped a coin, landing tales on the table beside him. "He had to be diminished." he looked at the slender woman in front of him, leaning his body on the table as he crossed both of his arms. "What do you want?" he rolled his eyes.

It made the woman chuckle, her eyes darting up and down on the boy's figure. It made him offended, but he did not show any signs of it. "What." he hissed, not hiding the fact that he is pissed off of how she looks at him now. She looked at him, "Doesn't it hurt you to kill?" she suddenly asked out of the blue. The man raised a brow, confused. "Death is natural, its part of our lives. But some death are not just so lucky," he paused for a moment and let out a breath, his smirk twitching and his anger boiling. "But betrayal is another type of scar." he hissed.

He looked at the woman once again, wanting to completely get over this. She likes reminding him of things that makes his anger boil, and she was satisfied of it all. She glide a picture on the table he was leaning on as he looked at it. "I want you to kill her. She's a mutual friend of mine. An excellent sniper and an excellent sister too." she chuckle.

"Why don't you do it yourself woman, you already have blood on your hands after killing your older sister. Don't tell me you're still afraid of killing." he laughed. "Don't give me that attitude boy, you may be young but I could still slit your throat. I have more experiences in life than you do, boy." she narrowed his gaze. "I'll give you the benefit of the doubt." he shrugged, desperate to get this over with.

She shot a smirk on his way, satisfied to make a deal with him. "I want her dead by tomorrow midnight, make it possible." she glared and turned to her heels and left, her heels making him irritated from its echoes. He took a glance at the picture of the blonde-haired woman and sigh, "Kelvin!" the raven-haired man shouted as a man with dark-brown hair that was tied in a little ponytail came scurrying along.

"Yes boss?" he asked, trembling to keep his posture straight. He was a man around his mid twenties, and was a new recruit too. The raven-haired man gave the man named Kelvin the picture, "Look for her. Once you've track her down, kill her immediately. She must be dead by tomorrow midnight. Your life depends on this, Kelvin."

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