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     If only I knew then what I know now. She hated me from the beginning, feeding me lies, pulling me down. She never really was my friend. And now I'm going to suffer, because I didn't figure it out when I needed to.
     It all started when once upon a time, she would up in my class. We were best friends, always laughing together, playing together, I thought it would last forever. But it didn't. Fifth grade, she got my number, I got hers. But she changed. I knew it but I didn't do anything, I was too scared I would hurt her feelings. Later I learned she didn't have any.
     Texting me hurtful things, leaving me on read. She was breaking me bit by bit, but I didn't notice. We both joined band that year, both played the same instrument. She got really jealous, as she always was, but I didn't notice. Befriending another person, she also purposefully excluded me from normal "friend activities", hanging out with the other girl instead. But I didn't notice.
    Until sixth grade happened. She became worse than ever, and very obviously began to call me out on doing things that I never did. She accused me of being jealous. Of stealing from her. Of copying her. She had the nerve to say I was ignoring her. Made me look like the bad guy. Twisted the other girl's mind to think I was the bad guy. I guess, in a way, it was a relief to finally be rid of her.
     That fateful day, I was sharing a joke with my "friends" over group chat. Specifically, I was referring to the school skip on December 2nd. I told her to look it up, since the internet could explain it better than I could. Taking offense to that, her other friend, also in the group chat, began to insult me so harshly I couldn't take it anymore. Later in the day my "friend" texted me personally, and flat out told me she didn't want to be my friend.
     It was hurtful, I tell you. So many insults were thrown at me that day I refuse to repeat them.
     And I look back at that day and realize that she never was my friend. It was all an act. She was taking advantage of me. Taking advantage of my friendship. And she made me experience something that I never wanted to. But in a way, it was enlightening.
    Enlightening in that I now realize how precious your time is. How precious you are. And that surrounding yourself with people that are negative will only bring you negativity.
     But alas, if only I knew then, what I know now. All the pain I could have spares myself. All the time I could have cherished. But at least I know now. And I was broken, for a time at least, but sometimes you need to break something down to build something stronger in its place.

I know it's a little short but oh well. Also this is sort of a memoir of part of my life. This is for the contest of AlphaShadowWolf1 I hope you like it!

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