Chapter 1 : The Trainings' Results

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It was not easy to gain the trust from the people back when you first started selling out your herbal medicines. Although it was understandable, considering that you were still a very young merchant without anyone to look out for you, eventually people started to brush away their doubts. Surprisingly, the medicine they bought a lot of the times worked effectively, and the money you got over the years are enough to support your daily needs.

At least now you don't have to cook things for yourself anymore. Not that you were horrible doing it, it's just more efficient this way. Or so you try to think.

While still doing your usual work, you would always take you time to rest at a few inns to rest your whole body from the trainings you've also been going through. While at it, the forms of your breathing technique are already more than half completed, it'll only need a few more adjustments in order for you to be satisfied with them and use it at the Final Selection that will be held six months later.

This was a last minute decision. After gaining more than enough money, you managed to bought yourself a sky blue-colored haori that was decorated with flower patterns on it.

It is now just a distant memory, yet one that you won't ever forget—you remembered that your father's favorite color was blue, and that your mother adores the outdoor plants a lot. Perhaps the haori design clicked to you because it reminded you so much of your parents. You kept the haori close, already feeling comfortable with its warm fabric that wrapped around your figure.

You had prepared yourself for the Final Selection, both mentally and physically for the past 2 years. Not knowing what kinds of things awaits you there, you could only hope for the best.


The sun arise in the distance just a few hours ago. It's time.

Wearing the haori you bought, you carefully inserted your newly found sword into the scabbard that you made on your own using the leathers that a certain family gave to you once. It was merely a thank you gift because of your help with the medicine you brought for them.

"Please take these as our thank you gift. We know it's not much, considering that we wanted to give more. But, we hope it will at least be useful for your travels in the near future."

To be honest, you didn't even know that you were going to use it eventually. It was a good thing to keep it on you after all.

The sword that you previously found was surprisingly quite strong and firm, considering how light it is when being held. Other than for training purposes, you also found yourself using the sword to cut several herbal ingredients to complete your breathing forms.

The silvery-white color that fades into a faint orange hue at the tip made you question yourself once. Who does the sword actually belonged to? And what reason could possibly the previous wielder have that they decided to just leave it in the middle of the road?

Whatever answers you may or may not receive, it is not important as of now.

Ah. Being lost in your train of thoughts while walking often made you lost count of the time as well. Without knowing, you finally reach your destination at last.

Walking through the stairs that led to the top of Mountain Fujikasane; the mountain that you heard where the Final Selection for new demon slayers is taking place, a gorgeous scenery of Wisterias blooming on the sides welcomed you.

As you walk further in, Wisterias hang above your head with glimmers of the moonlight pouring in between each petals. The scenery itself was undeniably breath-taking, giving hints of purple hue to the surrounding area.

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