dont read this, please

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you may be wondering, if you did not follow the title directions, why I'm posting this on wattpad.

I need somewhere to put my problems, and I feel like here could be a place for them, to attempt to mark what progress I may make in the future if I end up recovering.

That being said, I'm getting to the point of believing I do not matter to anyone. Even if this isnt true, the thought overwhelms my mind and floods every pore in my skin. I reach out for help that is not there for me, help that I cannot access. I feel immense uncontrollable pain that far exceeds "teen angst" to the point when I believe I am weak and there is no reason for me here. I am unnecessary in my own opinion. I have the desire to hide away in my own little shell and live my own peace away from all the stress I face. I cling onto what is not good for me. For reasons I am unsure of. I've tried the helplines but it never picks up. I've tried the text line but it takes too long of a wait. I need help that I cannot get a hold of.

That is all.

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