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Being the only child in your family does sometimes made you feel alone. Not to mention that your parents are often busy with the works they needed to do as a pretty well-known merchant; selling herbal medications as a way of living.

But that is why they finally offered you to come along. Often being outside and taking you with them as they sell out medicines to the people in need.

Your parents would always ask for your help to communicate with other people; no matter what age they are in. They do this in order for you to get comfortable with the presence of others—as well as to help you make new friends. Who knows? Maybe you'll get along with someone after all.

You enjoyed your time. Cherishing fully the sun descending from the sky, as your exhausted body of a six-year-old peacefully starting to close her beautiful eyes into slumber. Your father's faint chuckle disrupting the silent moment whilst he carried you on his back. The gentle breeze passing by the bushes and your (S/C) skin, as if singing a good night lullaby with your mother's palm caressing your head.

Though as time passed by, your mother was the one who went out, as your father suddenly caught a serious disease when your age was turning eight years old. It unfortunately made his physical body grew weaker and he's not allowed to move as much as before.

It was discovered that he already had the disease ever since he was little, but little do the doctors know how it overcame his physical body just now.

Of course you're worried for him—but a little upset at the same time as he won't be able to go out to deliver medicines to other people like you all used to; as a family. However, you tried to cheer yourself up, murmuring soft and reassuring words that as long as both of your parents are still with you, your life is already more than complete.

Unfortunately, not until a certain accident happened. When all of your hopes for the great future spend with your beloved parents had been ruined completely.


The smell of charred wood and the cries of a few young children can be heard within a few meters from where you stood, tears falling onto your cheeks as you could only stand around and watch as the fire spread even more to your house; turning the once beautifully-carved wood walls into nothing but ashes that soon fall to the ground.

You were safe. You went out of your house in time after the smell of something burning entered your nose a little while ago.

But your success in escaping the fire costs both of your parents' life.

Someone had saved you earlier from that one unknown creature—a creature resembling that of a normal human being. The savior came in time right before the creature was about to devour you alive.

It had red, glowing eyes that frightened you even more. Glowing in the midst of the wildfire that consumed the entirety of your hometown. Followed by its sharp claws and teeth, perhaps even sharp enough to shred one's skin better than a knife can do.

However, it was unfortunate that you didn't get to see your savior's face, as your instincts had told you to just run away from the scene as fast and as far away as possible.

With the sight of your once beloved home got burned down by some unforgivable people, you could only cry so loud that your throat felt heavy. Your tears won't stop flowing down from your eyes, in result from witnessing the chaos before you.

It was as if happy memories were alas burnt away, followed by the lost of your parents. The people and place you cherished so dearly deep down from your heart, somewhere that you thought that you could lean yourself against whenever you felt lost and not know what to do.

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