Chapter 1

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Izu's POV


"Ok students you have probably found your soulmates already but you still have to learn about them. When you meet them you have to be close to them for a week. Otherwise you both will get very sick and once close to one another again you have to be close to one another for two months. Also in those two months if got very sick you both have to get pregnant. Also that child any any others in the future won't be able to die and be affected by your or your soulmate's quirk whichever one of you gets pregnant."

End of flashback.

Ya I still remember that right after the sports festival. The thing is I haven't found my soulmate yet. When Uraraka, Iida, Todoroki, anyone talks about a soulmate I just get jealous because I don't have mine. All I want to do when the subject also comes up I just want to cry since that what happens to those who keeps hearing about soulmates and don't have one themselves yet. It really is hard to not think about it and that is what everyone has only been talking about lately.

There is also a thing our soulmate has the same mark as you. We can write to one another on our arms and lastly the first time we touch even without showing our soulmark we will know right then and there we are soulmates. It is nice but I do know some things about my soulmate or about eachother. He is a year older then me, he has brown eyes, hair is dark brown also yes I know it is a guy. This didn't bug us that we both were guys since we like to think of ourselves as gay even before.

Oh also his quirk is vibrate. I said I will tell him about my quirk in person when we have private time. I know he is going to get his provisional licence soon. Which reminds me I am on my way to get mine literally. "Hey Deku-kun why have you never told anyone about your soulmate." "Well that is because I haven't found mine yet." "Oh we are so sorry for the feelings we have been giving you about us talking about them when you haven't found yours." "It is ok you didn't know."

With that everyone stopped talking knowing to not talk about soulmates anymore. Which I felt happy about. Soon we reached our destination. "Alright you will have one night at a hotel to get rested up before the exams tomorrow." We all said yes sir before getting off the bus. We then went to the hotel to put our things in a room we share and unlucky I got Mineta. "So you take half and I get the other." "Ya I think that is fair." I put my things away before I went outside.

After a bit I found a tree and sat under it and leaned my head against it. Soon a dark brown haired and eye person came close to me. "Huh that is funny that my soulmate did say he had green hair. Well how about it we see the soulmarks." "Heh that is a good idea." I stood up and we both pulled up our left sleeve and we had the same mark. "Hi I am Yo Shindo. Nice to finally meet you." "I am Izuku Midoriya if you didn't know and yes I agree with the finally getting to meet you."

We put our sleeve down and he grabbed my hand and pulled me to a bench. He first sat down then made me sit on his lap. Yo then wrapped his arms around me. "Hey Izu how are we supposed to stay close to one another." "I don't know but we have no choice then to go back to the school we came from. Maybe once they find us very sick though they have to let us into whatever school they chose." "True but do we even want a child this soon." "I have been thinking that I do before my mom died so she knows at least one of her grandkids."

"That sounds like an idea but why will she die." "My dad died her soulmate six years ago and because of that she has been getting very weak and the doctors said she has two years left." "That is horrible." "Ya and only you now know." There was then silence which I liked. "How about we don't get one another out in the exam and well help eachother." "That will be great." We then shared a kiss since we were comfortable about it. I just blushed afterwards and placed my head on his shoulder.

That was until we heard voices from his friends and mine. Well what I think is his friends. "What is happening here." I looked at Yo and then at them then hid my face. "Nakagame, Makabe um this is my soulmate." Silence which I didn't like. All of them then said what at the same time loudly I should say. "No he can't be let's go Deku-kun." Before I could even say anything I was dragged away. Which I felt so lonely with touching and being around him. I also saw him being dragged away and we move our lios saying I love you.

I then was thrown into my shared hotel room. "Midoriya why are you crying." "Because Uraraka and Iida took me away from my soulmate." I then got off the floor and changed into night wear in the bathroom. I then crawled into bed and under the sheets. After that I started to cry in my pillow falling asleep right after.

Mineta's POV

If Midoriya gets very sick because of this I will tell Aizawa-sensei this since he will do something about it. What kinda got me confused is why didn't Uraraka and Iida think his soulmate isn't his soulmate when they clearly are. Especially when they cry after not being close enough to one another.

Word count: 1018

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