Knock Of An Evil Past

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I wish I had a Delete button in my life. To delete some people, some memories, some pages of my life that I don't want to read ever again!

Akira's pov

After talking to Vikram, I felt a little calm, at peace.

I wanted to tell him about these blank calls but then I thought, may be I ma thinking too much!
I didn't want to trouble him for no obvious reasons!

What if, it's just prank?
Or, may be just a co-incidence!

But what about that Lady?
And what do I do with my Princess's behavior?
Why is she suddenly so against me?
I think, i must visit their school and find out.

Soon, I slept with a determined thought to dig behind this matter myself first!

Next day, i dropped the kids at their school and asked the security incharge to give me a call if someone came to visit the kids.

I was in the middle of a demo session when I received the much awaited call.
And without a second thought, i drive off to their school!

I have to find out this stranger!
Before she again filled her kid's innocent mind.

I reached their school in no time but i did not see any woman with kiyara and Vidit. But looking at their grumpy faces, I knew some bad things have happened.

I reached out to them and Vidit crushed me into a hug crying.

But Kiyara remained rooted to her spot!

I have no idea what has happened to my kids!
I looked for any mysterious woman but there was no one!

I patted Vidit's back and hushed him - What happened Vidu??? Why are you crying baccha?

Vidit hiccuped - Mu...mumma!
Does Daddy only loves Kiyara!
Am I not his son?
Did he lie to me that he is my Daddy?

Tears started to flow from my eyes, this is what, I was scared of!
And it's happening now!
I was always scared this only, what if one day, Vidit Or Kiyara questioned us! What if they don't accept these new changes! And look, I was right!

But, this was no time to explain things to him, so I asked him -

Why are saying this Vidit? He is your Daddy too, didn't he say in front of all!

Kiyara stomped her feet and yelled - Why are you lying to him! I know, he is not my brother and you are not my mom lied to are just a fake mom.!
My daddy is not his father!

I was stunned at her words. How could an innocent child like her, say such things on her own..?
Why is she doing this...she doesn't look happy either!
Or, may be it is again that mystery woman who is playing with my kids!

I am going to Kill her!

I held both Kiyara and Vidit and wiped their tears - Who told you all this my babies?
It's not like this!
You two are my kids and for Daddy too, you two are his heartbeats.
Don't you trust me?

After a few seconds, watching my face carefully, they both nodded.

So, would you tell your mumma now, who told you all this lies? - I asked

Vidit spoke - Mumma, that aunty came again today and said these things to us!

What was she like? - I pushed a little

Kiyara spoke - Mumma, she said, she is an old friend of Daddy! And she said, Daddy loved her....!

I was shocked at this new information. What is the meaning of all this?

I am going to become crazy!

But talking further with them will lead to many complications. So I kept mum but I may be, am going to ask the principal to send me cctv footage or any images related to that lady.

I took both the kids to our house and settled food for us.

I tried calling Vikram but he didn't pick up. May be he was Busy!

I sighed and fed both kiyara and Vidit. And retired to our room, I didn't feel like eating, I again tried to call but he didn't pick up, I wonder why!

To divert my mind, I started to look into my schedule for tomorrow, as I wanted to talk to vidit's principal as soon as possible.

Suddenly my mobile beeped! I thought may be its Vikram but I wish.. I hadn't seen the msg.

Because what I saw in the msg, moved the floor beneath me.

A strange woman was hugging Vikram tightly, and in other one that woman was kissing him intimately!

With the text written :

It's really hard to forget First Love!

Count your days...because soon, he will throw you out, because I am Back!

I read the text over and over again...Tears started to flow from my eyes. Them kissing each other , hurt me more than I had imagined!

Betrayed! I was again Betrayed!

But why are you crying Akira, it's not first time, when someone cheat on you!

I thought he was different!
But he is not!

What will I do now?
What have I done!

My mind always stopped me from accepting a man in life again!
But I was stupid enough to let him in!

Like every other men, He too is a Bloody Cheat!

Don't judge him by these pictures Akira! - my heart warned

I quickly again, dialled his number but this time too, he cut my call!

But this has to come clean, otherwise god knows, what I will do afterwards!

So I sent those pictures to Vikram and asked do you know her?

But, He did not reply...this time again!

Was it so difficult for him to explain this?
Or, he is so involved that he is purposely ignoring my msg!

I texted again -

So what is up with you?
What is the meaning of all this,
Answer me, God Damn it!

Why are you avoiding me, is it because you have found this woman?

But I never received any answers and I slumped down on floor, crying for my fate!

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Who is that woman in the picture?
Do you think, Vikram is cheating Akira, behind his back?

Or there is more to come?

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