cautious lava (FadingGenes)

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words willingly sought

wishing that he had rather not

said all that tipped off his tongue

like lava, molten, rolling, hot -

and so it was that he got caught

in a web of insatiable desires, distraught -

in passion's grasp

the tongue becomes an asp

the mind slips into a void

the lava flow of words rasp

the situation becomes unclasped

the tears flow, the breaths mere gasps

passion turns to heartache

excess sweetness to toothaches

following Nature's way

lava cools into rock state

crescendo of shattered dreams

climactic reality reached

every cautious step uprooted

every piety contract breached

shadows shroud the sunlight

steal their way into my heart

blacken into devastation

ripping my soul apart

dreams now mere memories

silence now deafeningly loud

i step no more, simply lay

and accept misery's shroud

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