100% Perfect Ch.4

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100% Perfect Ch.4

Stephanie’s POV

        I awoke, still in the same place I was. Bailey was maybe ten feet away, crouching in the grass. “Did you sleep at all?” I asked her, the sun bright in my eyes. “Have you ever seen me sleep mom?” She replied. “Good point.” I rubbed my eyes. “Uh, how did they not see us?” “You have a telepathic thirteen year old. I have skills like that.” Bailey smiled and sat down by me. “We need to get a move on.” She said. “Yeah.” I stood up, just noticing the rip in my favorite jeans. “Lovely.”

Bailey’s POV

Mom was right behind me as we trudged through some field behind the ditch. We had only gone a mile or so, but mom was exhausted. “C’mon mom, the water’s right up ahead.” “How would you know?” “Because the house is maybe twenty miles from here tops and I managed to walk through this after I stole the car and sped down the road.” “Bailey, you’re thirteen. How did you even find the keys?” “Hello, telepathic much?” Mom sighed. “Okay. Fine. But when we get to the water we’re stopping.”

Stephanie’s POV

           The water was surprisingly clear and tasted like…well water.  “This is good.” I said. “Yes it is. Now mom, I think you need a bath too…” It was then I realized I was covered in dirt and random crap that collected on the side of the road. “Oh.” Was all I managed to say before jumping into the pond thing and cleaning myself. Bailey went out to get some food. Other than that, all I know is that I most likely contaminated the only clean water source for miles.

            About half an hour later, Bailey returned with a weird spear and a deer strung over her back. “Again, you’re thirteen.” “Yes, I know I am.” Bailey said as I skinned the deer with a sharp stone. “Where exactly are we going to go?” Bailey asked. “Well we have to find Gordon, whatever we do. I don’t really know the rest. Maybe leave the country? No. Seems like the whole world knows about you.” Bailey rolled her eyes. “Why can’t I be normal?” I was stunned for a second, for Bailey had never said that before. “Never mind.” She said, then walked to the pond. She dipped her toes in, soon sinking completely underwater. I continued skinning the deer, then tried to establish how to make a fire.

Bailey’s POV

            The water was still a light blue around me. True, I felt uncomfortable with my clothes still on, but at least when I get out they won’t reek of the sewage water from last night. I mentally sighed. It didn’t make sense. Why was I the one who had to be genetically altered? I mean really, I didn’t believe mom three years ago when she told me, but honestly? A genetically altered thirteen year old who’s supposed to be perfect but feels far from it? All I want is a normal life. You know,  have friends, not be forced to block odd thoughts from my mind, swim at a normal pace? It’s not that I don’t like my powers, but I’d rather be a person than perfection. Oh and all you girls out there with acne, I would freaking kill for that. Yeah. I want one pimple. One. But since I’m freaking perfect I can’t have a SINGLE pimple. Or a SINGLE hangnail. Or a SINGLE scab. However, I apparently can have heartbreak. They kinda missed that. My mind wandered to David. Perfection was obviously far from his mind. I cringed. Yeah. He’s thirteen, a girl isn’t exactly in his head. Well technically, I was, but you get the point.


            I sat down a table away from David, and as I planted my butt onto the seat, every girl rose, and then left. I bit my lip. No friends, chances are, no boyfriend. I swallowed. Today I would tell David. I got up with my tray and sat down next to him. He looked at me, then went back to his conversation about Halo with his friends. They didn’t even notice me. “I…I gotta ask you something.” I said quickly, so it came out more like “Igottataskusmfin” He turned around to face me and smiled his flawless smile. “Yes?” “I was…umm…wondering if you would….go out with me.” I stuttered. He looked mortified for a second, then returned to his acted calm state. “I can’t date, I’m sorry.” “Oh, okay.” I said, then faked a smile. Three days later he began to date the prettiest girl in school, Becca Linn.

**Back To Reality**

            I massaged my temples, then decided it would be best to get out. Slowly, I swam to the surface to find my mom trying to start a fire. I went over to help, and a few minutes later, we were roasting deer and talking about a plan. But still…David…


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